Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Stars are Alligned: I Shouldn't Own a Camera

Being a little low on cash flow, I decided to "save some money" last night by not checking my bag when we got to the bar. Instead, I put it in a safe corner where I could keep my eye on it all night...which I did...up until 10 minutes before the bar closed. Because within that 10 minutes the bag was suddenly gone.

When all of the lights came on, it was nowhere to be seen so I frantically asked the bartender if anyone had turned it in. Of course not...and instead of sympathizing me for a little second, he just went on about how big of an idiot I was to leave it in the corner.

By this point, I already knew how big of an idiot I was...he just felt the need to reinstill that. Thanks.

But, thankfully he was nice enough to check if someone had turned it in 5 minutes later he came back: bag and all!

I was over joyed. I couldn't believe how lucky I am.

We left shortly after being reacquainted with my large bag.

However, when I looked in it later that camera was no where to be seen.

(I think it's a sign...I should not own a camera--- or I am just irresponsible--- I had that camera for a grand total of two weeks and now it's gone. I am so so upset.)

I guess I can't be that lucky...of course, the theif riffled through my bag to see if there was anything of value, and made sure to take it before performing the good deed of turning it in.

Then it was not until this morning when I was headed off to work and about to jump on the street car that I noticed my bus pass was gone too. He even took the time to search through my wallet in order to take my ever so valuable bus pass. Lucky guy gets to ride the TTC for free now....

So only having enough money to afford a muffin for breakfast, I decided that I would have to walk 4 km in the freezing weather to work.

However, I did stop to warm up at Richtree for a bran muffin. Richtree is such a neat place...there are a few around the downtown area, but the biggest one with the best atmosphere is at Yonge and Front St.

The restaurant is actually set up like a market with different stations and cultures throughout. The host gives you a "shopping card" as you enter which each tender swipes as you add more to your the end of your meal you hand the card over to the cashier at the front which has the accumulated total. It's a very cool idea.

I wish I had my camera so that I could show you photographs of the charming and lively place!

When I finally got to work, my body was numb and my ears were the colour of cherry tomatoes. I looked dreadful; a look you strive for as the host of the restaurant...

It was an abnormally slow Sunday, so I got off at around 5pm tonight and rushed home (well as quickly as the TTC happens to operate) as I was exhausted and peckish.

When I finally got home at around 6pm, I had no energy to put together a gourmet meal so I just had some left over pizza from the other night and a side green salad.

For dessert, I put together a little trailmix of almonds, cashews, craisins, raisins, and chocolate chips. I also had a cut up pear...I think apples/pears go so well with nuts! The sweet and salty combination is just right.

Well I am feeling ever so tired and I have class in the morning (my first Online Journalism class which I am looking forward too) so I am going to call it a night!

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