Friday, January 22, 2010

An Off-Feeling Day

As I sit here drinking wine in order to be "economical" (a $7.45 bottle of wine is far cheaper than a $9 glass at a restaurant) I figure that I should probably inform you of my day's eats.

It was definately not too exciting as I felt anxious all day...and when I am in that state the last thing I feel like is eating!

However, for breakfast I did have my hearty bowl of oats! The irresistable banana infused oats were topped with apple sauce, raisins, Original All-Bran, flax meal, strawberries, and almond butter...(My almond butter is looking a little low so be ready for some oats in a jar in order to scrape up every inch of that butter!!)

After breakfast was actually when my anxiety hit...I checked my email and realized that I had missed my first conference call with AXE as the email was a reminder that our "second" one was today. In a panic I quickly called our co-ordinater who was super laid back about it...thank god. Apparently the "USB Key" that I had received in my Axe Tool Kit actually had important information on it...who knew!? I thought it was just a sweet little gadget....

I was able to catch up on some info about the upcoming challenges which was nice...but it also made me nervous.

I quickly departed to the gym to relieve some stress.

I had to have a real quick workout though as I had to get back home for my conference call at 4 pm.

I stepped in the door at 3:58 pm...chopped up an apple and called in!

I realized as soon as I got into the "conference" that chomping on an apple was probably quite inappropriate so I decided to hold off until the conversation was over.

When we finally hung up, I added some more treats to my plate as I realized that I was quite hungry indeed.

I had some of Mary's delicious Black Pepper crackers, some pieces of aged white chedder, some soy deli slices, and my empire apple.

I love crackers and just can't go wrong! And if you haven't tried these crackers, you definately should...They are wheat and gluten free but are packed with so much crunch and flavour.

Well I am off for the evening!

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