Thursday, January 21, 2010

Date Night

I need to figure out a way to jump start my mornings as even when I "give myself enough time" I always seem to be rushing out the door in the end forgetting something...and running back to get it! --- Or something along those lines...

That was this morning.

Even though I gave myself almost two hours to get ready, eat breakfast, and read blogs...I ran out the door without my computer or my keys; two things that I most definately needed! Luckily, I remembered them at the end of the hallway and hurried back.

But, for breakfast this morning I had a very tasty bowl of oats with All-Bran Original, raisins, flax meal, strawberries, apple sauce and AB on top.

I also had a good cup of would think that would be enough to "jump start" my morning but it most definately isn't!


A few hours after breakfast I started feeling a little hungry during lecture so I munched on an apple!


For lunch, a couple of my friends from class and I went to subway to grab a quick sangy...I always get veggie on whole wheat AND I do get it toasted everytime even though after it's done I always regret it as Subway just does not know toasting...

I load it up with the "works", a little honey mustard and lots of hot sauce.

You can't go wrong with subway.

Later on today I had an oatmeal raisin cookie from Tim Horton's and a tea. They're not the best cookies in the world...but they definately aren't bad--- a soft cookie= instant gratification!

After class I went to the gym. I have started using the rowing machine more regularly now because I feel like it's a good arm work out...but the one negative part is that the pull bar REALLY hurts my hands---I have calluses like no other right now so it hurts to get them wet, but I am still washing my hands.

During my workout I decided that I wanted to go on a girl-date tonight, so I called up my girlfrien Samantha to go out on the town with. She agreed with no hesitation.

I quickly showered and headed to her place.

We decided to check out the new brewery downtown called Duggan's.

The beer was amazing...but all unfiltered so they had a cloudy look to them which I am not familiar with!

We shared a giant bowl of mussels...which were OK--- a little on the dry side though.

And I thought they should have been presented nicer...a plate for the bowl would have been a nice touch.

The menu also said it came with flatbread...but the crusty slice that happened to come did not look anything like "flatbread."

For dinner I chose the salmon, which the waiter told me came with goat cheese (the ingrediant that sold me on the salmon as I was going to go for the rainbow trout) but it most certainly did not. It came on a bed of potatos, tomatos, and beans.

Midway through my meal I realized I had forgotten to take a photograph, so that is why the salmon skin is pealed back and bitten didn't come like that!!

Not to say it was a bad combination, it was just not what I was expecting.

The salmon was pretty good as well...I am glad I had juicy tomatos to pair each bite with or else it would have been one dry dish.

My girlfriend got the striploin- medium rare. She said it was cooked to perfection! But was not expecting a massive side of french fries to grace her plate...

Coincidently (not really as brew pubs love to try new brew pubs!), some people from work ended up being at Duggan's so we had a couple of drinks with them after dinner.

It was a fun little date night with my girl!

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