Thursday, January 21, 2010

Depends in Need

I would like to say that I got a lot done today, but if you noticed in my previous post I didn't really leave the house until 4 pm. I know; I wasted an entire day inside but I was not up for much movement at unfortunately, I fully embraced that thought!

When I did finally step out into the crisp January air, I headed to my favourite grocery store: the Big Carrot.

On the way there I got a little side-tracke as I suddenly found myself perusing a little book shop...which turned out not being little at all. This store had everything and was so nicely organized. There was a section dedicated to books/novels on the environment and food. Obviously, I spent a good chunk of my time there.

A couple of hours later I forced myself out of there as it was getting dark and grocery shopping for me takes quite some time (I read the labels on EVERYTHING and am verrry indecisive when it comes to choosing what kind of crackers or apples I want etc.)

Once I got into the Big Carrot, I realized that I really didn't need much there as I can barely afford a single raspberry ($6.99 for a quart :|)...let alone an entire shopping list!!

So after picking up a few things which I knew I wouldn't be able to find over at the lame-o grocery store, I paid and headed to Loblaws...

I was drinking water throughout my shopping trip...something that I should have reconsidered as my bladder suddenly crept up on me as I was deciding whether or not I could live without sesame oil.

I forced myself to hold tight while I finished gathering up the items on my "list" (a list in my head which is not very reliable)...By the end of it, I was throwing items in the cart so I could get out of there sooner.

Dragging my bags behind me and hitting passerbys, I stormed into Pizza Pizza to use their facilities!! Thank god for "public toilets."

I was able to wait in peace at the bus stop!

For dinner tonight, I had a delicious veggie burger on a whole wheat thinsations bun...It was my first time trying those buns and I must say they were quite good! Not too much bread, but still fresh and doughy.

I melted some aged white cheddar on the burger while it was grillin' and for the fixings I had tomato, cucumber, red onion and spinach with ketchup, Dijon, and Sriracha, of course!

I had a glass of Shiraz to go with it...

It was darnn good...

A little while later for dessert, I had some trail mix and a cup of green tea.

Well I am going to hit the sack now...hopefully tommorow will be more productive; and it WILL be!!!!

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