Monday, January 18, 2010

An Entire Weekend in One

The lack of posts this weekend is due to the fact that I had little to no time to do them...I was running around all weekend for either work or play.

I did indulge in some pretty fabulous meals though, but I am sorry to say that I did not have my camera on me to capture the essence of some of the dishes.

On Friday night I went to an Indian restaurant downtown called 259 Host...apparently it is a chain as you can find them at a few locations in the GTA.

However, its claim to chain did not take away from the amazing spice blends and flavours.

With a Californian Pinot Noir '06 Mirassou, we had an appetizer and then a main entree.

The wine was light-bodied, and easy drinking. Even though I am not usually huge on lighter reds, I did enjoy it as there was a pleasant oaky undertone.

For an appetizer we shared the crab and shrimp cakes which were stuffed with mint, coriander and figs. The figs added an incredible sweetness to the savoury cakes...I had one so that I wouldn't ruin my dinner.

For the main event, I chose a delicious mushroom medley...shitake and button mushrooms in a thick tomato and garlic curry.

My friend indulged in the rare rack of lamb which was cooked in a tandoor and marinated with roasted spices. It came with a spicy vindaloo sauce...I definately sniped a taste test of the sauce and boy, was it good!

We shared a bowl of rice and naan bread to accompany our mains.

I love Indian food.


Today I was originally supposed to work at noon, but they called me in for 1 pm instead because lately we haven't been getting busy until late lunch time.

This extra hour gave me time to make a wholesome brunch.

I had some scrambled eggs, a veggie stirfry with feta, and then a slice of spelt toast.

It hit the spot.

After a full day at work, I was finally able to eat some dinner at around 9 pm. I had Mill St. roasted veg. wrap...once I find something I like, I am quite stubborn when it comes to switchin' it up. (As you can see with my oatmeal consumption!)


I worked all day today too, but I luckily I got to end the day with a satisfying bowl of homemade vegetarian chili which my friend made.

It was soo spicy (which didn't offend me at all--- but the rest of the consumers were definately effected!!)

We had a multigrain baguette to go with out hearty bowls of chili.

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