Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Never Say No to a Freebie

I woke up to a clear blue sky and sun this morning...what more could someone who suffers from SAD ask for in mid January? --- Okay, I am not actually diagnosed...but I feel like it is quite possible: I need sunshine.


While catching up on my email and going over my usual line-up of blogs (Tina, Kath, EBF, and Mariel) I chowed down my breakfast...I probably take more time eating breakfast every morning than I do getting ready. For some reason it takes me about half an hour to eat a bowl of oats...maybe it's because I am so caught up in my reading.

After breakfast, I gathered together my gym equipment and headed out.

At the gym I was pleasantly surprised by a free yoga trial later that day. Now, I don't and won't ever turn down a good freebie...so after my cardio sesh I went down for a good hour of instructed yoga.

It was so relaxing and rejuvinating.

After yoga, I went back to the gym to get my heart rate back up and do some strength exercises.

I had to hurry home to shower and eat lunch before my evening class.


For lunch I had to quickly grill a veggie patty while I showered so that it would be ready by the time I was ready...efficient, no?

It didn't really stay in patty-form after the grill job...it was more of a crumbled lump on my plate, but it still tasted the same. I had some cucumbers and tomatoes to go with it.

It was my first online journalism lab tonight...and wouldn't you know, we are blogging! So, I now have a new blog...mind you, don't look at it quite yet as I am not very proud of it.

Tonight we had to blog about "Toronto Universities and Colleges"...a very broad subject. So I made it not so broad and ended up speaking on the culinary arts program at George Brown. Mise well blog about something I am interested in, no?


I got home at around 9 pm tonight; however, the time didn't detour me from making a much needed dinner.

Rice Fusilli, Chipotle Infused Vegetables and Shrimp.

How I did that you ask? Well, here it goes...while I sauted some red onion and garlic, I added two frozen chopped chipotles. As they melted, the adobe sauce drenched the onions and garlic. It smelled incredible.

To that I added chopped broccoli, red pepper, and shrimp. And then I added some mushrooms. When the shrimp turned pink, I removed the pan from the heat.

At the very end, I stirred in some diced tomatoes, feta, and green olives.

I added that mixture to the cooked rice pasta, and then poured on some olive oil and gave it a good stir to make sure the oil had saturated the whole mix.

It was incredible...the smokey chipotle flavour was just perfect and not overwhelming at all. I love chipotle.

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  1. how did you take the pictures?! i love the super store photo anddd your link! and everything! and how you turned your assignment into more food blogging. i love you.