Saturday, January 9, 2010

False Alarm

I heard on the news yesterday that even though the sun would be out, Saturday morning was going to be a chilly one! So that made me a little more thankful when work called and said they didn't need me until noon. It's important to look on the bright side...who cares if I woke up exceptionally early to get ready for work; now I don't have to face the cold weather AND its deceiving sunshine.

After getting all ready, I ventured into the kitchen to make myself a big bowl of oats. I make sure to have a big breakfast before going into work on Saturdays because I never know when my next time to eat will be.

On top of the usual banana blend, I also had All-Bran, raisins, figs, mixed berry apple sauce, flax meal, chopped pear (I lovee pears in the winter!!), and a blob of PB!

I find the PB melts into the oats much more than the almond sometimes all I can taste is PB (a littttle overwhelming;) however, I needed a change from the usual almond butter.

I also had a cup of Earl Grey Tea and then a cup of green tea...I may regret this later when my bladder kicks in.

Well, I am going to do a little cleaning before I head off to work.

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