Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's Already December 27

I woke up quite early this morning so I decided to step out for a little walk and to grab a coffee. For the first time this holiday, I actually felt quite chilly...there was definately a nip in the air and it was starting to feel a lot more like winter. I bundled up in my hat and scarf before I headed out the door.

After I got a coffee at Serious Coffee (a coffee shop that is EVERYWHERE on the island now...I couldn't believe it!) I started getting a little hungry so I decided to return home for breakfast.

When I got back everyone was still sound asleep, so I grabbed a Kitchen Sink muffin from yesterday and sat down on the couch to watch some morning television. The muffin tasted almost better than yesterday...or maybe I was just really hungry.

About an hour later, my family woke from their comas...thank goodness because the television was doing little to nothing to entertain me! They had the last few muffins and then we all took a shower because we were meeting my cousins for lunch at Pagliacci's.

Pagliacci's is a hoppin' little restaurant downtown Victoria. So of course there was a line up when we got there at around 1pm...and a table for 6 (which we were) was not coming anytime soon. So we sat outside to enjoy the sun's rays for about 45 minutes while the host tried to perform a seemingly impossible task: forming a table for 6.

However, we were finally sat in the bustling restaurant. Our server eventually made it around to us in order to drop off our "endless bagel basket" and to take our drink orders. Feeling a little lethargic, we all ordered a cup of coffee and a water.

After he dropped off our drinks, we should have ordered right away...but being my indecisive self, I was not ready so he said he would be back in a couple of minutes.

Well that couple of minutes turned into several...which I don't blame him as we were definately not the only ones in the restaurant! But by the time he arrived back, there were little options left on the menu: no potatoes, no bagels, no bread, no riccotta pie...the list went on.

I was most concerned about the bagels as that is what I look forward too...Sunday's at Pagliacci's just aren't the same without bagels, cream cheese, and jam coming out of my ears. Maybe it was for the best.

For lunch/breakfast I decided on the Karl Omelette...filled with artichokes, sweet onion, mozzarella cheese, green peppercorns, and huge roasted garlic. Even though I knew there would be no potatoes to accompany my omelette, I was a little disappointed when it came out with a lack lustre pear slice.

The omelette was still quite yummy though...and I have been there so many times that this experience did not turn me off! We even overheard that it was their busiest day of the year, so that could explain the lacking service and the missing menu items!

I think the manager knew we were a little disappointed because he brought us a huge slice of cheese cake...oh my god, I could eat that everyday. But I won't because it was hefty...and large..and ooh delicious!!!

After lunch, my family went into the mall because us girls (mom, chlo, and I) wanted to find a few cardigan sweaters. We all ended up lucking out at Jacob: sweaters for everyone!!! Let's just say it's a good thing we don't live in proximity to one another anymore because we were caught one too many times over the holidays matching...

A few lost hours later, we hurried home because we all needed to shower before we headed to our cousins' Karen and Dick for dinner!

We got there just in the nick of time as Karen is not one for late arrivers...

As soon as we got to the condo door we were all ushered up to the "penthouse" of the building to perform a serious break-in (we had the just seemed a little strange as the apartment was vacant and had been for quite some time!

However, it was a sight that had to be seen as it was qutie fantastic/modern-esque. The artwork throughout the place was out of this world---different pieces picked up from all over!

This is just a sample of a piece in the living room...quite modest in comparasin to the rest.

After the grand tour, we headed back down to Karen and Dick's condo--- I was over excited to see their place as I hadn't seen it since the renovations. Karen made us wait outside the door inpatiently while she returned the penthouse key because she wanted to see my reaction.

Well, it was beautiful... In fact, it was definately more my style compared to the penthouse upstairs. It was more warm and home-ly.

Over drinks we shared a few laughs in the living room before dinner, and then Karen got fancy in the kitchen.

Earlier that day she picked up some serious halibut at the seafood shop downtown...they were no joke!

With a little seasoning and a chive coating, she threw them on the oh so sexy grill top! I had never seen this type of was cast iron but it resembled a baking pan and sat on the stove top. Just what you need when you're living the condo lifestyle!

To accompany the generous pieces of halibut, Karen made a refreshing salad consisting of thinly sliced cucumbers, red onions, radishes, mandarins, and dill. She used a mandolin to cut the vegetables...

Dinner was amazing! Fish cooked to perfection and salad to clean the palate. Mmmm!

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