Monday, January 11, 2010

A New Monday

Today was my first official Monday for the new semester! I was quite excited about it last night as I was dozing off to sleep, but when my alarm clock went off this morning I was feeling a little something else: MORE sleep, please.

So I hit the snooze button...a couple of times before I realized that I had better get a move on or else I would be late for my first day!

After having a shower and throwing on some make-up and clothing, I headed into the kitchen to put together some breakfast.


Okay, I promise that one day I'll be creative and switch my breakfast's up, but I haven't become right sick of fact, I love it more and more after each bowl I consume.

Today I put raisins, apple sauce, pear, flax meal, and a spoonful of almond butter on my banana stewed oats.

I also had a big cup of coffee in order to give myself a boost before my big day of classes!


After the series of events this weekend, I realized that I need to save money where ever before I left the house this morning I made sure to pack some lunch as I knew my stomach would be making some serious noises during the lecture. For a quick and easy lunch, I took my last slice of left over pizza and a carrot oat bar.

Wouldn't you around 1130 am my stomach was going a little crazy. So I reached for my oat bar to tie me over before I reached an appropriate time to consume lunch...unfortunately, I noticed something that turned me off from taking a bite out of the bar: mold.

Thank god I thought to check before indulging...I guess I didn't put that batch in the freezer soon enough.

The lecture ended at around 12 pm so I had an hour to spare before my next class. I decided to run over to Future Shop to see if they had any sweet deals on cameras (yes, I have to invest again...) I found a couple which were in my price range but me and my wallet were not quite ready to jump on them before taking part in some more bargain hunting.

After buying a text book for my feature writing class, I headed to my next 5 hour class: TV Broadcasting (the class I was looking the most forward too!)

I think I am going to really enjoy the class and the instructer...however, I am glad the class didn't run the whole 5 hours because I wasn't feeling well by the end of it.

He let us out at around 430 pm so I heeaded to the gym for a little cardio before I went home.

I decided to sit in the sauna after to relax as my stomach was really cramping.


I am trying to teach myself not to waste, so you may have noticed that I am having many "left over lunches and dinners." Well, tonight was another one of those nights...I had the last bit of Amy's Split Pea soup and a slice of mana bread.

But you'll be happy to know that I officially have nothing else that I need to finish, so a new meal is in order tommorow; you best stay tuned to see what creation I decide to whip up!

For dessert, I had a small bowl of nuts, raisins, and chocolate chips. I love the different textures in trail never gets old. And of course, the sweet and salty combination. Mmmm. I love trail mix.

Well I am absolutely exhausted tonight so I am going to bed.

Once again, I am sorry for the wordy post lacking in photos...I hope to be able to take pictures soon!

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