Monday, January 18, 2010

Dreaded Mondays

And so it is Monday, which for me means back to class and a more structured schedule.

Upon waking and showering this morning, I had my new favourite breakfast: an oatmeal pancake. I think I put too much baking powder in this one though as it had a funny after taste...nevertheless, it was still yummy. I put almond butter, bananas, raspberry jam, apple sauce, and maple syrup on this baby!!

I headed out to my broadcasting class soon after..

At around 4 pm, I had a juicy navel orange as a snack in class.

After class I was still hungry and planned on going to the gym, so I grabbed a Kashi Peanut Butter granola bar in the cafeteria to hold me over until I got home for dinner.

When I was done working out, I rushed home to make dinner.

For dinner, I had a spinach salad with sauted tofu and peas.

It was delish...but I put on a little too ripe/old avocado which I ended up having to avoid throughout the salad as it tasted a little funky.

I put a pesto/balsamic dressing on top which I happened to choke on half way through...let me tell you, choking on balsamic burns like no other!! Try to avoid it at all costs...

Later on this evening, I felt like having a little dessert so with little to no sweet options in my house I settled with a rice cracker and a smear of PB with some raisins...

Well I am going to hang out for a bit more and then I am off to bed.

Good night.

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