Friday, January 8, 2010

Sleep Disturbance

It is next to impossible to sleep peacefully with someone who stirs and purrs all night long...Maybe that's why I didn't budge when my alaram clock went off bright and early this morning. Stella, my cat, decided at around 2 am that she wanted to nuzzle herself in my covers...something I usually don't allow as my sleep is very important to me!

When I finally rose, I washed my face and then whipped up a quick batch of oats. I mixed in some figs, apples, bananas, and Original All-Bran while the oats were cooking...the All-Bran gave my oats a crunchy texture all throughout. It was quite different, but enjoyable nonetheless.

I put som raisins, ground flax meal, mixed berry apple sauce, and a dollop of natural PB on top.

This afternoon I am going to meet Alex at the gym for a workout and then I may go skating later before it gets too cold to handle.

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