Thursday, January 7, 2010


Sweating isn't a bad thing. In fact, we should break a good sweat at least once a day. However, body odour is another story and should be kept to a minimum...especially if you take public transit regularly during rush hour. No one likes to be nuzzled up into someone's armpit when he has neglected to shower that morning...or post workout.

Well, that was me today. Not the victim nuzzled in the armpit, I was the armit...or the BO. Having sweat plently during my workout, I then decided to roost in the sauna for a bit..well a while.

Let's just say it looked like I had encountered a waterfall by the time I got out. So I threw on my clothes and left the gym. No, I did not shower. And yes, I did take the street car...along with several other bodies!

By the time I got home I was quite famished and I guzzled back a large glass of water and then threw together a salad. I topped my greens with a leftover rice mixture that I made last night (rice, green peas, beans, curry powder, and lemon juice), some tomato and cucumber, a few olives, and some more beans. For a dressing, I drizzled on balsamic vinegar and some hot sauce.

It hit the spot!

Well I am off to do a little grocery shopping.

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  1. Pretty salad you stinky lady! I am going to work out for the first time ever at the university tomorrow. I am so excited!