Thursday, January 14, 2010

Teasing a Past Addiction

After the lecture part of the feature writing class, we split up into our "lab groups" for the afternoon. With a partner, we were assigned to go and observe an object or person that struck us as interesting. Before we broke for lunch, we had to write down all the DETAIL we saw as we would be doing an assignment after lunch.


For lunch, I went back to my roots and indulged in Extreme Pita. If you don't already know, I used to have an obsession...I wish I could link back to past blogs but my addiction occured before I had a blog. In high school, I used to have Extreme Pita EVERYDAY...literally. The people who worked there knew my girlfriend and I by our pita orders...we didn't ever have to tell them what we wanted as ingrediants; they knew it all---from the vegetables to the sauce!

Then, when I lived at the Ryerson Residents last year I figured I would be in heaven after seeing that the one of three choices in the cafeteria was Extreme Pita...well after having only one pita made from the not-so-pita-pros; I realized that I was sadly wrong and it would be a long year.

However, I did still have a pita at least once a day as quite frankly there was nothing else palatable.

So yesterday, in need of a quick fix, I supported the folk at Extreme and had a pita.

"Small veggie pita on whole wheat please---lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, green pepper-extra green pepper!- olives, mushrooms, and pickles. Some hummus, a little bit of light italian and lots of hot sauce!"

That little baby fed me for over a year...and yesterday.

Class ended at around 4 pm, so that is when I headed out to the gym (which was quite easy coming from the class I was just in as I basically just had to walk out of the door!)

I did 20 minutes cardio on the bike and treadmill and then attended an hour long free pilates class. I was really disappointed in this freebie today. Knowing that it was free, the instructor really showed that she could care less with her droaning voice and lack of enthusiasm.

After that pilates sesh, I went back to the gym to do 20 more minutes on the elliptical. Then I did some ab and arm work until I realized the time and hurried home as my roommate and I were supposed to go to an "open-mic night" at the Ram (the campus pub.)

I chomped on an apple as I walked to the bus stop to hold me over until I could eat real dinner.


After a quick shower, I started feeling like I wanted some kind of breakfast for dinner. So I decided I would pan fry some red potatoes and onion.

I fried them in a touch of olive oil and then sprinkled on some S+P, oregano, and dried chillies.

I also had an over easy egg and some tomatoes on the side.

It was just what I was craving.

We headed out to the pub at around 830 pm.

I'll tell you how it went tommorow.

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