Friday, January 29, 2010

Busy Thursday

I woke up early this morning (well early for me...8am) in order to make it to the gym as I would have no time at any other point during the day.

I quickly put on my gear, and had a piece of spelt toast with almond butter to fuel me for my workout.

I got back home at around 11 am after picking up some coffee filters andd experiencing some delays on the subway. (This time it was all my fault...I only had to go one stop, but then I started day dreaming or thinking --- yes, I was thinking about something very intellectual--- and a second later, I missed my stop and had to get off at the next one in order to catch the subway going the opposite way. That always happens when you're in a rush...well not THAT exactly, but something to really slow you down!)

When I finally got home, I had a shower and made myself some breakfast/lunch...I din't really know what it was as it was the afternoon but I still hadn't technically had breakfast. (I guess that's what we call Brunch...)

I obviously had some banana oats, with raisins, Original All-Bran, apple sauce, grapes, and a spoonful of AB.

That was paired nicely with a cup of coffee --- I ran out of coffee filters at the beginning of the week so being able to finally make myself a cup today was a real treat! (Ohh the life of a student...)

After breakfast I got down to work on a blog assignment I had to do...Mind you I couldn't get ahold of the journalist I needed to interview so I had to put it on hold! I'll get it done eventually...

Then I got together some stuff for shooting a movie this afternoon.

The same "slow you down when you're in a rush" thing happened again in the late afternoon. In order to cut down on subway stops, I decided to get off at the one with the liquor store AND grocery market --- This way I could pick up wine AND the ingredients I needed for dinner. But of course, the market did NOT have what I needed soo I left that subway stop with only wine in hand...but who's complainin'.

That resulted in me having to get off at my friend's stop, WALK a couple blocks with a bag full of bricks in the bitter cold just to get to a bloody grocery store that sells EXTRA FIRM really people; tofu texture is KEY---I will walk miles for the appropriate kind!

We filmed our movie and then had some dinner.

With tofu in hand, I whipped up a little tofurkey...but it turned out looking more like a pie! Oh well, it did the trick and I think I impressed my carnivorous friend.

We had some frozen vegetables alongside...Mmmm, frozen vegetables....

We had some wine and beer with dinner...

After editing the movie --- which took a few hours most definately --- I headed on home in the unbearable cold!

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