Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One Tasty Cupcake....

I thought by getting ready BEFORE I had breakfast today, I would be quicker out the door...For the majority of the morning it was working out too. I was all ready...and then I sat down for breakfast; that's when everything goes down hill. I started getting caught up in blogs and email and such...and before I knew it, I was running around like my head was cut off.

However, for breakfast I did have a couple pieces of spelt toast with almond butter and raspberry jam. You really can't go wrong with toast...I could eat it at anytime during the day.

I also made myself an espresso with my roommates little Italian espresso maker (she won it at a wedding shower she was at in December...and yet we hadn't used it until this morning!)

It was really neat...but I was a little slow at first. You have to put the water in the base, and the coffee grinds in the then when the water boils, it raises and has enough pressure to go THROUGH the grinds in order to make a nice little espresso on top.

I was fascinated.

After quickly gathering up all of my belongings, I scurried to school.

It was way too cold for my own good today...last week I was certain that Spring was coming early, and now I am not all that sure!

During lecture, I snacked on a navel orange.

After our lecture, a girlfriend of mine and I went over to Metro to grab something to eat.

After a long and indecisive grocery shop trip, I decided on the most expensive bit of greek salad I have ever consumed...I had to treat each piece of cucumber as though it were a piece of gold to really enjoy it.

We returned to class after our little nibble to begin writing a bit of our feature stories.

I found out during class that I had to work at 5 pm, so I decided to leave a bit early in order to be able to go home and drop off my bag full of bricks.

I had 5 minutes at home and then rushed to work.

It was a dead, dead night...but I didn't get home until almost 10 pm.

I was famished upon entry, but was greeted with an aroma of baked roommates decided to whip up a batch of cupcakes tonight (whip up in the sense of pouring water into cake mix.)

They so sweetly made me up a lovely little decorated cupcake. Apparently, it's supposed to represent the male genitalia...either way, it was a beautiful piece of artwork!

I restrained myself from eating one until I had something a little more substantial.

I put together an eggwhite sandwich, complete with tomato, red onion, aged cheddar, soy meat, lettuce, hot sauce, Dijon mustard, and ketchup.

I was so hungry that I took a bite before realizing that I hadn't photographed it...

It hit the spot!!!

Immediately after swallowing my last bite, I put on the kettle so that I could have tea with my penis cupcake.

Well I am going to digest...and then head to bed! Good night.

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