Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jet Lag

Flying out west is a lot easier than flying out east. Back in Victoria I was waking up with the roosters, and now I am waking up with the lethargic night owls. I wish I could use the excuse "but it's actually 730 am for me! I am on BC time!" for the next month...but apparently jet leg only lasts 3 days so that excuse has officially become obsolete.

I overheard my roommate coughing today so I crept into her room...not to get closer to the infection, but to see her! I hadn't seen her since I have been home, so I was not going to let some bacteria stop me.

After I made some breakfast...and yes it was oatmeal...and yes, there were bananas, apples, raisins, and flax in it. But to mix the generic breakfast up a bit, I threw some mixed berry apple sauce on top: a recent addition which I am quite fond of.

I also had a cup of green tea as the end of this month is quickly approaching, and I still have several green tea bags to go through before the expiry date hits with a bang!

Well I must get on with my day: I am going to the gym and then off to the health food store in Greek Town...big day...

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