Thursday, January 7, 2010

Who Knew a Carrot Could be Heaven?

I never thought I would encounter heaven before I died...until I stepped into the Big Carrot.

I have been perusing their website for quite some time now, but today I finally decided to venture out to their little abode. But, let me tell was not little at all. "Big" is the perfect way to describe this health food store on the Danforth.

I didn't even know where to start...the baked goods were endless, and the variety of crackers struck me. I spent hours in each aisle reading ingrediants and salivating. I wish I had endless amounts of money so that I could try everything. One day I will...

However, I did find a few products that I decided I could not live without. One being a little something that satisfied my suddenly hungry self: a vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookie.

It was absolutely devine. Just the right sweetness and crunch. The baker threw in some pecans for an extra zang!

After a few hours in heaven...I decided it was time to leave so that I could whip up a quick dinner before I headed out for our first "college pub night" back from Christmas holidays.

For dinner I had Amy's Split Pea soup--- It was obviously not as good as my mother's homemade split pea...but it did the job!

I also had a slice of Manna Bread: fig and fennel flavoured. It was my first time trying this...and I was quite impressed!! It is a sprouted grain bread that is baked at a very low temperature so that all of its nutrients remain...However, I found the fennel a little overwhelming so I am going to try a different kind next time I hit up the Big Carrot!

This was just the meal I needed after waiting for quite some time for the not so timely street car. Toronto is definately getting colder as we speak. It is soup season.

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