Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'll Have a Glass of Red with my Blow Dry

When I went to bed last night, I was already not looking forward to waking up...As this week treks on, I too have to trek on with the amount of work I need to have finished in due time.

I thought that if I just didn't get out of bed this morning it would further postpone my homework...but then reality hit and I realized that sleeping is another form of procrastinating so I forced myself out of the confines of my sheets.

After getting ready, I had a piece of toast with AB and jam and a banana for some extra added energgg.

I also had a cup of coffee.

I headed to my lecture after breaky...Just what I needed, a lecture reminding me of the things I need to accomplish in one week.

After lecture, I went to the "library" with my dear friend Jeremy...I put the library in quotations because this is what he referred to it as in first year in order to get me to go to it during class --- Little did I know it was actually a pub.

However, the pub's atmosphere is much like a library as it wreaks of old text books and body odour...Mmmm.

While we did some much needed work, we had a little lunch...

For lunch I had the tomato soup (which was most definately Campbell's) and a grilled cheese sandwich.

You know you're in for a darn good meal when it comes equipped with a basket...Heck, they should have thrown the soup in there bowless...

After lunch and work, I decided to pamper myself...What better way to pamper oneself than a few hours in the salon...

I must say that after some serious searching, I found one hell of a salon. It's called Flaunt and is conveniently quite close to me.

Not to take away from the hairstylists' amazing talents (he made my dead and gone hair look somewhat rejuvinated,) but the place really knows how to get a customer to return: serve them wine.

I can't tell you how nice it was to get my hair done AND sip on a glass of vino...I feel like that will be my new hangout --- but not actually, because I can't afford it and it really damaged my hair confidence. Remind me never go into hair modelling...

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