Monday, March 8, 2010

We Do Burgers.

It's not that I have refrained from eating for the past two weeks; it's just that I haven't really indulged into anything too exciting. As a result, I didn't want to bore you with another explanation of my bowl of oats...

However, let us step back a couple of days to bring us to Saturday as that was the day that I was oh so fortunate to dine with Garth, a visiting friend from BC, before I had to rush off to work.

I love going out to eat with "tourists" because I try to bring them to places that I haven't yet eaten at but have been dyying to try. This is quite a difficult task for me as once I find a place I like I tend not to venture beyond that...It's hard not bringing everyone and their mothers to Fresh.

So on Saturday after strolling around Kensington Market enjoying one of Toronto's first days of Spring (or what it felt like --- it has been soo bloody beautiful lately: an instant mood booster), we stepped into the Burger Bar. This decision was made soon after we ruled out The Grilled Cheese... I mean, at the time I didn't really feel like a grilled cheese and after reading the menu there I realized that oooh, it ONLY does grilled cheese.

So why not go to a place that ONLY does burgers...

Okay, it wasn't that select...They did do brunch as well..Breakfast burger anyone?

It being a Saturday afternoon, I opted for the brunch menu as I hadn't had breakfast and it was just feelin' like a brunch day --- (I never have weekends off work so whenever I can take advantage of brunch I do!)

Along with my sexy caesar (complete with parsely and garlic --- a lot of garlic at that) I had the Azul Eggs --- A nice long slice of toast topped with dijonaise, wilted spinach, poached eggs, and smoked salmon.

The dish usually comes smothered in hollandaise sauce, but I asked for mine on the side so I could actually taste the "sandwich."

It was accompanied with a fresh arugula salad and sweet potato fries. The fries were soo good as they were coated with rock salt --- mmm...salt...

As much as Garth wanted eggs, he felt that it only seemed appropriate to get what the place apparently specializes in: burgers...

With so many burger toppings to choose from, he went for the Market Burger blended with chipotle which came equipped with arugula pesto, goat cheese, blue cheese, and some kind of green for aesthetic appeal...

It would have been nice if the bun didn't look like it had been sitting out on the counter for the past week...or if the burger lived up to its name. Garth didn't seem too impressed with his choice...but he ate it nonetheless.

For a place that calls itself the bar of burgers, it really should work on its claim to fame.

I was satisfied with my pick --- I guess you just have to venture away from the burgers in order to be impressed --- and regardless, I was satisfied with my lunch date!

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