Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sex Ed. with Sue

I guess you could say I jumped the gun when I busted out my flip-flops...This morning I was faced with grey skies and wind; it felt like November!

For breakfast I had an over easy egg and toast...Is it wierd to like the combination of egg and peanut butter? After seeing Sarah do it multiple times, I was just itching to try it! The verdict: a little bizarre...but if you force yourself to block out the idea, it's really not so bad!

After breaky, I caught up on some current events a la The View...I love a good sesh political bashing ideas...

In the midst of watching Sue Johanson, I am now going to try to get some work done before I may or may not have to go to work...Being on call is such a nice addition to the day; really makes room for spontaneity...

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