Friday, March 12, 2010

One Hit Wonder

Even though I have a lot to do today, I love Thursday as it is actually my Saturday...Or the beginning to a long weekend EVERY weekend. I guess you could say I have it kind of easy as soon as Wednesday hits 4pm.

This morning I switched back to my breakfast routine as another piece of toast would turn me into one!

I topped my banana oats with plain yogurt, apple sauce, chopped apples, sliced strawberries, raisins, flax meal AND a spoonful of AB.

I also had a cup of coffee.

After breakfast I finished some work for my broadcast class as I wasn't going to have any other time to do it.

I headed out to the gym immediately after finishing my work...It was so beautiful out today; I could have ran outside but for some reason I prefer being in the confines of a gym. It may be the "lovely" atmosphere the gym offers --- or the sweaty eye candy which is spotted sometimes, but when it is you don't want to miss it!

I rushed home after a good bike, run, and row --- Thanks to some helpful tips on the rowing machine, my arms and bum were killingg all throughout the day. I love burning.

When I got home I quickly showered and whipped up some lunch. I created an incredible chipotle tuna sandwich. I started by sauteing some red onion and garlic --- then I added a chunk of frozen chipotle which eventually melted and saturated the whole pan. I added the tuna to that for a little added warmth!

A toasted piece of whole grain bread dressed with havarti cheese, tomato, spinach, and Dijon mustard, was complete with the heated tuna chipotle.

It was actually sooo amazing!!! The chipotle added a smokey flavour throughout.

I had my Axe conference call just before I had to run out the door to write and record my music video --- a bonus challenge for the Axe competion

Even though it got really cold filming outside and we worked until 3 in the morning, it was definately an experience. I can't say I have EVER in my life attempted to do what I did, but it turned out pretty well (one hit wonder material....)...So if you stay on top of the competition for the last couple of weeks, you'll be able to catch a one-time Tatomme!

It wasn't until 10 pm that we realized we still hadn't eaten dinner so we headed out to the Rhino for some grub and a beer (a much needed Guinness...mmmm) I had a grilled vegetarian pizza --- Let's just say it didn't make me feel like I was in Italy...nor my own home. I probably could have made a better pizza on a hamburger bun. BUT I was famished so I was willing to eat ANYTHING!

After a bite to eat, I headed back home to finish editing!

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