Monday, March 29, 2010

A Dark Horse

Overflowing bins of oranges, melons, peppers, bok choy---you name it--- line the constantly bustling street of Spadina. You find yourself trying to avoid shoving the people carefully selecting their weeks worth of produce...After blocks of this similar occurence, it's hard to fathom that you'll eventually encounter a coffee shop catering to those doing the exact opposite; people lounging about enjoying a rich smooth brew --- crafted to his own preference.

Well that's where I found myself--- Dark Horse to be exact--- on Saturday afternoon. Not only was I in dire need of the perfect soy late, I was also needed for a second interview to promote myself for the Axe competition.

I met with Gloria from Urbane Block at a large wooden table that could potentially house 12 coffee-obsessed people...While sipping on our coffees, she asked me an array of questions! We covered a lot of ground...everything from my favourite vegetarian meal to what a hot date with me would look like!

After a good hour long Q&A sesh, Gloria snapped a few photos --- We made sure to get a few shots of me in the bustling China Town to capture the contrasting surroundings of the laid back coffee house.

Then I headed home for a quick lunch before work.

For lunch I had a salad --- How could I not after walking by wooden tubs of produce on the way home?! For some protein, I had a soy burger which I topped with some blue cheese and aged white cheddar. (I picked up some blue cheese the other day after weeks of trying to satisfy my addiction with low quality crap from No Frills!)

It was a darn good salad complete with a balsamic vinegar/seedy Dijon mustard dressing.

After lunch, I trekked out in the chill to the bone weather to work.

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