Monday, March 29, 2010

Muggy MUnday

So I guess I do sleep breathing through my nose...Unfortunately I found this out the hard way. These past few days I have been fighting a cold; however, someone has to lose in the end...and that happened to be me.

I spent the night tossing and turning as I couldn't breathe --- a vital part in sleeping...heck, even in living. When I would finally fall asleep, I would wake up exactly an hour later! I can hold my breath for an hour...impressive, no?

However, when it was finally time to actually wake up I was not adaquately rested. Coffee and breakfast was the key to moving this morning.

For breakfast I had's quick and I don't have anything to put on my oats so there was no point in stewing up a pot.

I rushed out the door to class as we were starting early today in order to write, film, and edit our reports before going on air at 5.

It was an exhausting day to say the least, but our first live newscast turned out well! Only two more to go before the end of the year...

(In between filming and editing, we grabbed something to eat...I had a veggie pita from Opa! I hadn't had one in so long and forgot how good they were. There is the option of whole wheat pitas now too and it was fab...)

When I got home I entertained myself with 9 minutes of entertainment thanks to the other Axe contestants...Our original music videos are up now! Check them out --- They're all pretty impressive to say the least...Oh and please, please vote for me as there are only 3 days left to do so!

Then I made some dinner...I would have been lost for dinner options if it wasn't for BK's brilliant idea to make peanut sauce stir fry (so vote for him too! He'll take you on a date that you won't believe...It was hot over texting, I couldn't imagine it in realy life!)

I really experimented with the peanut sauce as I only had a select few ingredients on hand.

To a boiling mixture of about 1 tbsp of spelt flour and 1/2 cup of milk, I added about 2 tbsp. of spicy peanut butter ...Then I added some soy sauce and fish sauce to taste. It turned out pretty unreal.

I stir-fried red onion, garlic, ginger, broccoli, zucchini, carrots, and mushrooms and then mixed in the peanut sauce.

The stir-fry was accompanied with some curry-induced quinoa and spinach.

Well I am going to head to bed now...But check out my interview with HeyDoYou to promote myself for the Axe competion!

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