Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday/Monday

In previous years, I would be waking up at 7 am to see if the Easter Bunny had come yet...In fact, I would be so anxious that I couldn't help but hop out of bed, but this year I was up at that time for work --- AND the Easter Bunny hadn't even arrived...I'm thinking it was the padlocked door downstairs that prevented him from laying his eggs.

I spent all day working and was lucky enough to have a quesadilla for my easter lunch/dinner...It took me a few hours to eat as I had to run back and forth from the door to the kitchen. At least it became edible during the last hour of eating as the grease from each slice had hardened...

I got home at around 10 pm and immediately began working on my feature story which was due at midnight. Thankfully I finished it at 11:59 pm...I'm getting really good at completing assignments 1 minute before they're due --- Impressive, no?

I went to bed soon after as I had to wake up early for class.

Even though I went to bed pretty late, I was able to get up quite easily on Monday morning --- My body must be adjusting to these early mornings.

After a shower, I had breakfast. I had a piece of toast and fruit salad for breaky...As much as I love fruit salad, I hate to think that the morsels travelled from across seas to fill my bowl. I can't wait for the summer when I can have a fruit salad from the garden...or in my case, someone else's garden.

I headed out to broadcast class after breaky --- We had to go early again as it was our second live newscast and my group had to film and edit a field report before 430pm.

Unfortunately, I was the only group member that showed up at the right time...But that happens --- We had to trek all the way out to Etobicoke for our story as it was about the Daily Bread Foodbank. They have extended their spring fundraiser as donations are far from the goal of 250 000 lbs and $250 000...Right now, they're only at 70 000 lbs and $70 000.

We interview a city councillor, the executive director, and some volunteers at the food bank...Even though we were tight for time, we got a really good story.

While we waited for a taxi to bring us back to school, I had some lunch...I actually packed one today! I have to save every penny from here on in as money will be hard to come by soon for me.

I had a cheese and soy slice sandwich with cucumbers and carrots on the side. I also had a sexy empire apple...

We got back to class with enough time to edit our footage before we went on air --- Thank god.

I got home at around 7 pm and made dinner...For dinner I had an omelette filled with sauted garlic, onion, red pepper, asparagus, zucchini, and extra-old white cheddar.

I had a green salad on the side with balsamic vinagrette.

I had a couple chocolate chip cookiess latterr....

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