Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tuna Pancakess

Waking up after going to bed at 3 am slightly wonked, you'd expect it to be difficult. That's why I could barely move when my alarm clock went off at 730 am. I would have hit snooze a few times, but it was a necessary shower day --- It rained cats and dogs the night before, and let's just say Tatomme's Hair + Rain = Disaster.

Luckily the shower helped in the waking up process too...

I had some breaky in between the shower and getting ready period. I had some oatmeal as it was the only substance that my body could handle.

I had to hurry out to class as I was definately going to be late...

And I was. But better late than never??

Being our last feature writing class evvverr, we watched a feature documentary on CKLW...It took me awhile to get into it as I missed the beginning...but it turned out being quite entertaining.

After class our instructors took us out to a pub down the way to treat us to some pitchers and pizza...Not a bad gig. Those three months of hell finally paid off...Kidding, feature writing wasn't THAT bad...

I hung out around downtown after as I had to pick up some bare essentials...I have to get through April showers some how!!

When I got home I made some dinner...For dinner I had a salad with a spur of the moment tuna cake.

For the tuna cake, I mixed together half a can of solid white tuna, an egg, a couple tablespoons of spelt flour, some raisins,a broken cracker, some cayenne pepper, and salt and pepper... It sounds bizarre but just wait.

I fried that little puppy in some olive oil and then placed it on my salad. The salad consisted of tomato, red pepper, cucumber, red onion, avocado, and asparagus.

The fish cake actually turned out quite well...I may add a few more spices next time though as it wasn't very flavourful and tasted more or less like FISH.

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  1. I always enjoy it when you cook with tuna. Hopefully it won't taste as fishy the next time!