Saturday, March 27, 2010

City of Blinding Lights

Even though there isn't a mountain within a 100 mile radius of Toronto, my BC blood isn't affected when I find myself 15 stories high overlooking the city. I was in heaven last night; electrical man-made heaven, that is! After a Friday that seemed to drag on (I showered twice yesterday --- that means my mind was feeling a two day split...) I headed over to my girlfriend's place for a night of wine and pizza. Nothing can get better than that, right?

Ooh but it can...while indulging into pure goodness, the city lights shone through the huge bay windows. I never thought that I would enjoy a "condo-lifestyle," but after experiencing a birds eyeview of the city I think I am ready for that luxury...

A girl's night wouldn't be a girl's night without comfort food, sappy movies, and bottles of wine...Let's just say there was more than enough wine flowin'. I ended up sleeping on the couch to avoid the urge of spending money on a cab home---no body likes to wait for city transit when you're cold and slightly tipsy...

I woke up pretty early due to the morning light shining through...but it's always better to wake up early than late when there are things to do. I headed home to get some breaky and get ready for another interview regarding Axe...Today Urbane Bloc is interviewing me. (Yesterday Hey Do You did an interview...that will be up soon on the site!)
For breakfast I just had some toast (Capeseed loaf from Cobs--- mmmmm) and an apple...

I spread almond butter and pomegranite jam on the one while the other one got topped with almond butter and agave nectar...It's important to switch it up to avoid sheer boredom.

But I am off to the interview now...Remember there are only four days left to vote for me in the Axe Summer Gig! That means there are only four days left for all of you men to show your support by taking a photograph with my sign! Thank you so much for taking time over these past few months to vote!

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