Sunday, March 21, 2010

Puffy Eyes and Foggy Head

It's only March and it's already starting to feel like summer --- No, it's not the weather; in fact, it was only 7 degrees today and once again, I had to bust out the winter jacket. The reason it's feeling as though we have entered July a few months too soon is due to the on-going rush at the restaurant. Last night it was absolutely packed from the second I stepped through the glass doors to the time that I left from them...

Usually I wouldn't complain about that; I mean more people tends to mean more money...but these people were downright miserable. I am sorry if you come to dine on a Saturday night with 10 other people on your team; you are NOT getting a table, for at least 2 hours.

That little fact didn't seem to register with a single person who walked through the stead they all decided to pile their complaints on me. At first, it was fine...I covered my stress with a fake smile, but that expression could only be held for so long. After about 15 accounts of people yelling at me, I eventually broke down --- I know, immature and unprofessional; BUT I couldn't help it. Luckily I got to the kitchen before my tears turned into hyperventilation.

Let's just say I was OVER relieved when the clock struck 12 and I was given the go-ahead to peace that scene.

Okay --- so that little rant brings us to my state this morning; foggy head and puffy eyes all over (I wish I could say it was from being hung over!)

In the hopes of making me appear alert, I chugged down a few cups of coffee. But that had little to no success, so I whipped up my usual bowl of oats.

I topped them with chopped Macintosh apple, plain yogurt, raisins, flax meal, All-Bran, and AB!

After breakfast I headed down to my second home: Mill St Brew Pub for a second go at the weekend crowd.

Thankfully, Sunday wasn't a usual Sunday...Those who decided to venture out of their homes for a hearty brunch were not doing it just because they felt they had too. I think (from what I experienced) they actually wanted the presence of good company and food around them. Thank you to the March 21 brunchees!

Another bonus was that I didn't have to be there all night...I was let go at a reasonable time; I even got to eat lunch at an almost acceptable hour (4 pm??)

For lunch I made myself a sandwich with tofu, mozarella cheese, red pepper, tomato, spinach, Dijon mustard and pesto mayo --- it was quite satisfying to say the least.

After lunch, I did some readings for school...but after reading the same line over and over again and noticing that my eyes were uncontrollably closing, I decided to have a nap.

Mmmm...sometimes a little siesta is the key to feeling that much better. I went for a walk after my nap and did a little grocery run as I decided that I was in need of starch: potatoes.

For dinner I made myself homemade baked french fries, breaded halibut, and peas.

After peeling and cutting the potato to my preference, I drizzled some olive oil and sprinkled some S&P on top. Those went into a 400 degree preheated over for about 45 minutes. I flipped them occassionaly to make sure they got evenly browned on all sides.

I zipped up the peas by sprinkling some cinnamon on top --- A nice little touch.

For a dipping sauce, I made a curry sauce which consisted of mayo and curry powder...It was actually downright amazing.

Minus baking the french fries for a littttle too long (some were just far too crunchy) it was a darn good dish...If only there was a beer to wash down that meal, it would have been a perfect Sunday dinner!

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