Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Monday Morning You Sure Look Fine

There's is something a little more appealing about sleeping in than learning about the invention of the wheel...or what this thing called the "internet" is...That's why I have neglected that monday morning lecture a few times now in order to get my beauty sleep. I mean, I would rather be fully awake for my broadcasting class in the afternoon than look somewhat like a zombie...

So today after a little sleep in --- 10 am is sufficient --- I made myself some eggs and toast! Nothin' like making a monday feel like a saturday.

I bought this incredible walnut sourdough loaf from Brickstreet Bakery. Since then, it has been incorporated into all of my meals so that I finish her up before she goes bad on me --- I may look like a sourdough by the end of it...

I also had some apple to add a little fruity nutrients to the mix...

After breakfast, I did some work and then headed out to my afternoon class.

It was suchh a beautiful day; I don't remember the last time I was able to wear a sweater outside and be warm. I may have been jumping the gun just a LITTLE bit, but I am quite sick of dressing like the michelin man everyday.

After watching some nescasts from students last week, we headed out to do our second newstory..as much work as they are, I lovee them.

We finished just in the nick of time --- thank god for that! I was about to eat my arm off by the end of class. I did have a raisin bran muffin and a muffin to hold me over for a bit though.

I quickly put together dinner when I got home because I had to rush off to volleyball.

For dinner I baked a lemon and herb breaded fish fillet and sauted a medly of onions, beans, carrots, and tomatoes (a strange last ingredient but I had to use it up before it turned into mush.)
I also had some spinaach salad.

I was a little late to vball because of the oh-so reliable street car...I love how when you're in a hurry it chooses to come in the necessary direction every twenty minutes...

At least I showed up though...they almost got disqualified for not having a girl!

Nonetheless, we killed both teams...if I am following it right, I believe we're in the finals now!!

When I got home I had some yogurt and fruit --- garnished with some flax and nuts.

I spent the rest of the evening searching for bachelorETTE pads as I will be homeless as of May 1 --- getting a littttle nervous...

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