Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day

Three girls distributed evenly into three separate rooms isn't so bad; in fact, it makes sense. Three girls crammed into one bedroom consisting of one bed and litte floor space; now that, that's a little nutty. Well folks, that has been my housing sitch since last Friday as that was when my dear sister and cousin flew in from the west for a visit.

During the day it's not all that bad as we make a sure effort to leave the cramped quarters to explore what the city has to offer...It's when we return that the closeness hits us like a bag of bricks.

Or a swinging refridgerator door...A reoccuring event over the past couple of days as we are cooking and dining at home to be economical. They say too many cooks spoil the broth...well I don't agree... Too many cooks in a 2X4 foot kitchen, now THAT spoils the broth.

So for the first full day and to get out of the house quickly, we decided to go out for a brunch as it isn't very often that I actually have a Sunday off work; I wanted to take full advantage of it and see what the norm get to do on a weekend...

I had heard amazing reviews about this restaurant near Kensington Market called Aunties and Uncles, so to there we went! Being a Sunday and a popular little spot, we were faced with a line up at the door; however, we ignored our grumbling tummys and waited.

I am so glad we did as the place was just adorable, and every item on the list looked absolutely amazing.

We knew that ordering quickly was important as the servers needed to flip tables at a speedy rate to get through the ever-growing line-up at the door. It may have been the fact that only one person could make a decision, or it could be that the dish sounded amazing...either or, we all ordered the same thing: the roasted vegetable and havarti omelette with a green salad, challa bread, and real hash browns.

With it being a packed house, I was surprised at how quickly our food came...especially after seeing the size of the kitchen in the centre of the restaurant. I am almost positive that it was smaller than mine, so I should really stop complaining as I don't have to whip out dishes to hundreds of people daily...

I couldn't compain about a thing on my plate...everything was unreal. The challa bread tasted like cake: a soft eggy flavour. Mmmm.

Even the ketchup was homemade; none of that Heinz crap.

After breakfast I showed the girls around Kensington as they wanted to see the place that I RAVE about on a daily basis.

We did some grocery shopping there and then did our main shop at a bigger grocery store before we headed home for dinner.

For dinner we decided on nachos; never a bad idea...We also made a yummy bean dip and a guacamole.

They weren't very colourful nachos, but appearances can be deceiving as they were bloody delish!

After dinner we went out to a bar called Cest What for a little Valentine's Day was pretty quiet so it's safe to say that all of the hot dates were tucked away at home that night!

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