Friday, February 5, 2010

The Perfect Ball

It has been decided; Friday afternoon is the perfect time to go to the gym...I didn't have to do any fillers, like stretching, to take up time waiting for machines. But, there were enough people around to take away the constant buzzing sound that you hear when it's just you and the equipment!

I went in not feelin' it at all, but by the time I left I was in a completely different mood and so glad that I forced myself to go.

For dinner tonight, I tried to be a little creative. I decided to make Tuna Meatballs...I found a recipe on the internet, but let's be honest...I never actually have the ingredients they ask for (the only items in my household are oats and baking powder...remember!?) so I just used it as a guide line.

My Version of Tuna Meatballs
Makes 2 meatballs

1/2 can of white tuna
1/8 cup egg whites
1/8 cup of crushed crackers (I used Mary's Black Pepper)
1/8 cup crushed mixed nuts, seeds, and raisins
1 tsp. parmesan cheese
Spelt flour (to remove excess moisture)
Pepper to taste

1. Combine all of the ingredients except the flour. Add flour slowly --- I ended up using about 2 tbsp. to get the right consistency.

2. Form the mixture into balls --- I made two balls.

3. Pan fry on medium heat in olive oil and garlic until golden brown.

I made a spinach salad with red onion, red pepper, tomatos, and green olives to use as a bed for my ballllls.

For a dressing, I whipped up some balsamic vinegar, pesto, and Dijon mustard---Drizzled that all over the salad and balls.

The tuna meatballs were incredible --- Crunchy on the outside and bursting with flavour on the inside. I drizzled some sriracha over the meatballs as well...

So I have decided that I am just going to take it easy tonight...The last two nights of going out have caught up with me! The night ahead looks a little something like this: One Tree Hill Marathon, yes.

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