Monday, February 8, 2010

First Fusion

I had quite the exhausting weekend...which was obviously self-induced! But as a result, when I got home last night I was just pooped. So, being wise I went to bed at 9pm to get a good beauty sleep!

However, it didn't feel much like that at all. You know when you just get too much sleep that when you wake up you're even more tired than when you lay down?! Yup --- that was me this morning. When my alarm clock went off I couldn't move...I was almost contemplating not going to class but then I remembered that I would then miss my one of three classes so I forced myself to go.

Thank god...or else I would have never learned what libel and slander meant......

Rewind..okay, so for breakfast I had just one mighty bowl of oats --- banana oats at that! I topped her off with a dollop of plain yogurt AND apple sauce, strawberries, raisins, flax meal, and a scoop of PB.

After breakfast I headed out to class to endure an hour and a half lesson on why bloggers can't be charged for "libeling"... Oh what an exciting lecture --- or speech as I am pretty sure my prof reads out word for word a pre-written lecture....

After class we had a "J-Skool" fair where we were introduced to a variety of course choices for next year...and where we were told that we were about to make life altering decisions in the next two days --- Thank god there was a snack table to ease the overwhelming feeling.

With stacks of course outlines and other freebies, my girlfriend and I went out for a little bite to eat. We ended up in a restaurant that I never thought I would step foot in as I always cringe when I walk by the Green Fusion on Yonge Street.

I was pleasantly surprised when I walked through the finger-printed glass door and saw quite a long line-up...all waiting to tell the cashier which number on the photo-friendly menu they wished to indulge in.

It being quite a chilly day, I went for the Vegetable and Tofu Noodle Soup...I wish I could remember the Vietnamese name for it but it's just not coming to me!

With our cardboard numbers in hand, we sat down to wait for the creations to come out.

Mine came out first...steaming n' all! It was quite a large bowl of soup...too bad it consisted of mainly noodles. I am not too big on noodles.

But other than that, it was a pretty good bowl of soup --- just what I needed for a cold February day...

And for a $5.00 lunch, who can complain!

After our eats, I headed to broadcast class where we made our first newscast...quite exciting.

To add to the excitement, our prof had his usual package of cookies out to share with us...such a sweet man! I really do like him --- not just because of the cookies either!!

I also found out today that his wife is the VP for the foodnetwork...I almost died. I know who I have to speak with now to get my foot in the door!

We got let out at 6pm so I had to rush home to grab a quick dinner and then head to volleyball.

I had a spinach salad with broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots, tuna and was light, but exactly what I needed so that I wasn't playin' vball on a full stomach!!

Welll, I am pretty tired from the day so I am going to head to bed... Night!

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