Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ladies' Lunch

I think we would all agree if I said Thursday night was the best sleep all week...we were so exhausted Wednesday night that we were in a coma as soon as our heads hit the pillow!

For breakfast we had toast and fruit as I didn't want to waste the delicious ciabatta bread from the night before.

After breakfast we used all of Little India's water to shower and prettify ourselves for lunch out with family friends.

We were meeting up with them in the Distillery District --- I most definately live there --- at around 2 pm. But after getting ready and leaving the house we were informed that they were running a little late so we decided to grab a coffee at Starbucks and stroll down Queen East.

I dragged the girls into the Leslieville Cheese Market as I always pass it but I never have a chance to go in!

Nothing is better than a sexy cheese salesman...I couldn't turn down anything he tried selling me. We left with their entire cheese stock and day old crackers...

Okay no, but we did buy some lovely Gruyere, green cracked olives, and crackers made on site.

With our purchase in hand, we headed down to the Distillery for lunch.

We met at a place I hadn't been too yet but have always wanted to go: Archeo. It being a Friday late afternoon in the Distillery, it wasn't very busy...but the building was beautiful --- complete with wood rafters.

Six ladies can make an empty restaurant seem full. Our voices and laughter echoed throughout the place... It was such a good lunch.

Along with a pint of Okanagan Spring Ale, I had a smoked salmon bagel and a carrot soup. Smoked salmon is my weakness; however, I wish the bagel wasn't white and stale.

Mariel had a Cobb Salad which she wasn't impressed with --- "The cheese still had it's rind on!"

Chloaye had a Thai Chicken Salad --- she shared feelings similar to that of Mare's.

Even though our meals weren't incredible, the time together was so good.

After lunch I showed everyone around the distillery and then we split ways. The three of us rushed over to Steam Whistle brewery before it closed. We got there five minutes before it closes---perfect amount of time to throw back a free sample of pilsner.

We headed home at around 6:30 pm to get ready for the evening.

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