Friday, February 12, 2010

Birthday Bonanzaa

I headed out to the gym after breakfast to get a work out in before going out for Miss. Bayley's birthday...Nights with her can get a little crazy so I thought it would be important to clear my head at the gym!!

When I got home I was definately ready for some lunch so I whipped up a little dish. It turned into a pretty random assortment of goodies, but it worked! I had sauted green beans and mushrooms in a garlicy pesto sauce. To add to that I had a sunny-side up egg and some of Mary's crackers...

It was a pretty delicious little lunch.

I relaxed for a bit and then my gym smell started getting to me so I decided that it was time to take a shower and get ready for the night.

I went to Sam's at around 8pm where we had a glass of wine and then headed to our dinner reservations. We had four girls for dinner and had planned to go to Lily, but when we got there there wasn't a soul in the place and apparently they weren't even serving dinner...COOOL...I am glad that the woman on the phone told Sam that after she made the reservation....MISCOMMUNICATION.

Luckily we were in Little Italy so we had a plethora of restaurants to choose from...We decided on Sidecar as both Courtney and I had heard good things about it!

It was nice to see actual people dining when we walked into the instant improvement from Lily. We got sat at a nice table near the back of the restaurant. Even though the tables were pretty close together, it didn't feel as though I was shmozying up with the lady next to me or that I had to be involved with her conversations...

We shared a bottle of an Australian shiraz...I forget the name of it, but it was very nice --- not too heavy but still full-bodied.

We nibbled on a basket of crusty bread --- warm so the butter melted right in...Mmmm

For dinner, I decided on the Atlantic Salmon with a honey dijon glaze on a bed of swiss chard...

Wow, the salmon was absolutely unreal --- Medium so it just kind of melted in my mouth... and the chard was a nice pairing. The sauce was filled with flavour too...but the main ingredient was definately butter as it was soo creamy and rich! Every bite was incredible.

Samantha had the mushroom risotto. I HAD to try a bit of it, of course. It was darrnn good...bursting with cheesy and creamy goodness. But it was soo rich; one bite was plenty.

Courtney went with the salmon as well...she equally loved it!!

And Gabi had Fettucini with black tiger shrimp...I didn't try it but I am sure it was delish --- well as delicous as a plate of pasta can be...

Sam and I also had half a pint of Tank House --- Have to be loyal to Mill Street...

After dinner we went to Tattoo where we met up with some other work friends to dance the night away...

It was a lovely night. Happy Birthday Bayley!

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