Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My New Found Fam

Sometimes living in the city can be lonely with no thank god I have finally found an aunt and uncle who I am more than happy to visit. Yesterday, I returned to my dear Aunties and Uncles for a second visit within the time span of one week. That's quite good for family acknowledgment, no?

Okay, so they serve food..and I mean like reallly good food...and well, they aren't really family at all; in fact, I can't say that they even know me. But that will change soon if I keep up with my weekly brunch affairs.

This time I stayed away from the egg dishes as I wanted to try something new. That was quite difficult as I get set in my ways once I find something I like. However, last week I was torn between the french toast and omelette, so I thought why not go for the french toast this time!

I was all ready to order--- that was until the server informed me that oatmeal banana walnut pancakes were the daily special. Really?! He clearly didn't know me as he wasn't aware of my weakness for oats.

Instead of switching my order all together, I "eenie-minie-mowed"...but that never solves anything now, does it? So I told the server to surprise me...

The anticipation killed I chugged my coffee.

I guess it was a sign when the french toast arrived; I have to go with my gut! And baby, did I ever go in with my gut...The french toast was incredible. Three pieces of challa toast: perfectly squared. They were lightly dusted with powdered sugar and melted butter was oozing off of the edges. With a drizzle of maple syrup and a piece of cinnamon poached pear (which were laid out on the side,) I took my first bite.

I think I died and went to heaven...the first bite was definately the best as it was the one smothered the most in butter!

My brunch date chose the daily omelette --- I guess I was one step ahead of him as I can check that menu off the list of "already tried." But I convinced him to get the Dijon dill potato salad (something I wish I had tried last time) which I snagged a little sampy of...They were darrnn good.

After brunch I headed on home to do some work and shower before class.

I had a spinach salad just before I headed out the door as I was still pretty stuffed from breaky...but I needed somethin' to tide me over.

When I got back from class, I was most definately ready for dinner!

For dinner I had a lemon and herb breaded fish fillet, an array of sauted beans and carrots, and some spinach.

I topped my fish with some salsa for an extra kick.

For a little something sweet later on, I had a mixture of apple sauce, bananas, nuts, raisins, and All-Bran...I really just threw anything I could find into the mix...

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