Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mare Does Dinner

Good thing my guests were family as it's hard for me to be courteous all of the time...The girls were treated to a lovely bowl of oats again on Thursday morning. At least they are easy to please as I really think they enjoyed them nonetheless.

After breakfast, Chloaye and I went to St. Lawrence Market to meet up with one of Chloaye's old roommates, Brianna. I hadn't seen her for years even though we both live in the same city.

We all caught up while strolling around the market sampling the different goodies...I could spend hours at St. Lawrence as I love a place with an array of samples --- it's like Costco but gourmet.

I don't think the girls were as impressed with the place so we headed down to the Distillery District for a little lunch. I brought them to the Brick Street Bakery for their famous sandwiches. Chlo and I shared a tuna sandwich because I warned her of their size... The bread is made on site at the bakery so it is so fresh and packed with tuna!

After lunch, I brought Brianna and Chlo to Mill Street to show them where I work. We stayed for a pint of Wit beer so that they could really take in the whole experience.

We parted from Bri after the pub and went to the mall to do a little shopping.

Chlo and I headed home when our tummys told us it was dinner time. We picked up a loaf of ciabatta bread to have with the meal Mariel was making for us!

Mariel made a delicious dinner: halibut with butter and lemon, mixed beans, spinach salad, hummus and carrot sticks, and warm crusty bread.

The hummus was so yummy...and quite inventive as Mariel couldn't find the tahini so she opted for a sesame dressing and sriracha sauce --- She really knows to impress the Flanagan sisters!

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