Friday, February 12, 2010

Feelin' Funny

I was definately feelin' last night when I woke up this morning...Took me the entire morning, well afternoon, to think straight.

Even though I really wanted greasy eggs and hashbrowns for breakfast, I decided to over-rule the hung-over persona and had a bowl of oats.

Thank god --- Or I would have felt bloody awful after breakfast.

I lazed around until I received a phone call reminding me that I am supposed to be downtown in half an hour to pick up my friend's bus pass before he leaves town...

So quickly, I had to throw on my gym gear and race to town.

I don't think they were waiting for me TOOO long...

I went to the gym after to sweat out last night.

For lunch I had a bowl of carrot, cashew and ginger soup...I had bought it at the Big Carrot a couple of weeks ago and kind of forgot I had it until today when I was perusing my cupboards. I also had a piece of toast to use for a dipppper..

The soup was just ALRIGHT--- a little too sweet for my liking. I think the carrots outweighed the ginger. But, it was a nice meal for a cold day.

Well I am going to do some laundry now...I think it would be a nice gesture seeing my sister and cousin are coming tommorow --- Clean sheets are always a nice thing to crawl into after a long flight...

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