Sunday, February 21, 2010

Matzah at the Drake

I couldn't wait to show the girls my favourite street: Ossington Avenue. So after forcing more banana oats down their throats, we jumped on the street car and headed to the Ave.

We walked down the street for a bit, but after just one store the girls were already hungry so we started to look for a place to grab a bite to eat. The girls didn't care where we ate, but I am quite picky so we searched until they would search no more...I was okay with that though as I have always wanted to eat at the Drake Hotel.

Chlo and I had incredible caesars while we waited for our lunches. I had a cilantro and tequila one...Wow is all I can say. The cilantro added such a nice flavour...and nothing is better than tequila in a caesar.

For lunch, Chlo and I had Matzah ball soup --- dumplings made from Matzah meal. They soaked in a carrot and celery broth...The balls were soo chewy and flavourful which made up for the simple broth.

Mariel had the Drake's infamous Macaroni and Cheese with fresh peas and a bread crumb crust. How could I resist from taking a bite...the homemade cheese sauce (4 types at that!) was perfect!

After lunch we headed out to do some more vintage shopping on Ossington and then strolled down Queen West to check out other stores.

We got home at dinner time and were three very hungry girls. For dinner we decided on soup and tuna cheese melts. I heated up some left over carrot and ginger soup and then Chloaye and I whipped up the tuna melts...We used some olive foccacia bread from Kensington.

Even though it was a very simple dinner, it hit the spot!

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