Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Two in One

These past few days have really just meshed together. Before I know it, it's night time again and a new day begins...

Sunday night I was absolutely exhausted so I decided to hit the sack at 8pm. I don't remember the last time I went to bed that early...but boy, did I ever need it! I set my alarm for 8 am the next morning, so that I could get a good 12 hour sleep AND have an entire day ahead of me. But the next morning when my alarm so rudely interrupted my sleep, I was not about to get up.

I ended up sleeping for 2 more hours. When I finally woke up, I could not believe that I had actually slept for 14 hours (and I am embarrassed to say that I didn't even feel rejuvinated...in fact, I felt more exhausted than ever!)

Feeling like a lazy sloth, I decided that I needed to start my day off with a good burst of energy--- it worked out perfectly too because I had to go to the grocery store to restock the oat department. So, I decided to make a run out of it...hit two birds with one stone.

Looking absolutely miserable outside, I made sure to pile on multiple sweaters, mittens, and a hat so that I could tackle the rain and cold.

After a good run and a hearty bowl of banana infused oats, I was ready for the day. However, I didn't do anything too exciting because I had quite a few loads of laundry to do, a bedroom to clean, and some french to study. Needless to say, I finished all of my chores at around 4 pm and felt pretty good about myself.

To reward myself I decided to meet a few of my girlfriends at work for a pint before we ventured into the city for some serious Christmas shopping. I wish I could say that I got some Christmas shopping done...but then I would have to lie. I did get some good ideas though so now when I go back I will be more efficient.

Our shopping trip ended when we all started to hear our stomachs talking. Calling it quits, we made our way to Jack Astors where we shared a couple plates of nachos... Nachos are always a hit or miss; last night's were a bit of both. They weren't awful, but they weren't anything special. (When I make nachos, I LOAD on the toppings...whereas these ones were pretty simple: cheese...and well cheese)

I started my day off with a nice over easy egg, a buttered piece of toast and some sliced tomato. It really hit the spot. I also had a steaming hot cup of green tea...I opened a Costco sized box of it yesterday and noticed that its best before date is January 26/10. So let's just say I have a lottt of tea drinking to do...100 bags to get through! [I did the math...that's about 3/day. I can do it!!!!]

After a few hours of studying, I decided it was time for a bite to eat. For lunch I had a hearty salad consisting of mixed greens, brocolli, orange pepper, red onion, sprouts, corn, tomato, tofu, and a little cold pasta. I dressed it with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar [mixed with garlic, oregano and Dijon mustard.]

It was just what I needed!!

Well, I better get some more studying done before I have to go to work!

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