Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lost Without My Camera

It being a late Sunday afternoon, I forced myself to sit down and update my blog. Yes, I said it...I FORCED myself; and if you may have noticed, Friday was my last post. People, I am super depressed; my camera is still broken. I guess that is not hard to believe, as cameras aren't really known for 'self-repairing.' But boy, do I ever wish they were! She is a sad sight right now; the lens just will not de-zoom...(that's about as techy as we're going to get!) And, she makes a strange noise everytime I try to turn it off and on. I think I just have to come to terms with it; she is dying.

So being unable to capture any of my consumptions, I feel as though I will just bore you with words...I realize photographs are a key component to any blog! And really, how can I make you salivate from a cyber-meal without a picture to justify all of its glory.

However, I guess I can still give you the low down on what I ate yesterday...

Breakfast...yup, you guessed it! I started my day off with a delicious bowl of oats. Not only because I have developed an obvious obsession, but also because I had a final exam at 9 am. What better brain food is there than a wholesome bowl of oats. [Oh! I also swallowed back a couple capsules of salmon oil...I needed all of the omega 3 (brain food)I could get in order to aid me in this exam which I felt ill-prepared for]

When I got home, I had a quick snack before I needed to rush off to work. And let me tell you in advance, it was really not all that special. It started off with an original unsalted rice cake topped with a few slices of havarti cheese (I do love a good havarti!!) To that I added a couple slices of tomato and avocado...S&P'ed that puppy up and I was good to go!

I got off work at around 11pm.

WHEN and WHAT I decided to eat, I am not proud all. I had my very first poutine EVER...I felt like it was fate because "Smoke's Poutinerie" had a vegetarian version. How could I turn that down!? First I ordered the "traditional vegetarian poutine" thinking that it was just going to be loaded with veggies and goodness...but when it came, it looked boring and soggy (I guess that is was poutine is However, I am not one for a bland I asked them if they could add some green peas and mushrooms; probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. To that combination, I looooaded on the Sriacha sauce (so happy to see that they had that as a condiment)...grabbed a nice plastic fork and dug in!! At the time, it was a super sweet experience --- it came in a cute little cardboard box--- but this morning when I woke up, I felt like I was with-child. Hours after the indulgence, I still feel like I have a food baby.

(Wow, this is actually what it looked like...I found this photograph on the internet. I really wish that I didn't remind myself of this.)

But, breakfast being the most important meal of the day [That, and I just feel wrong and off if I don't have it,] I forced myself to have a little something. And I am really sorry that I no longer have a camera (Christmas is coming though...*hint* *hint* pops...)but I had my first cereal salad since starting this blog. I have just become so into oats these days, that I have completely neglected my breakfast salad!! I felt like I owed it a Sunday indulgence.

Being the title of my blog, I really feel like it's necessary that I capture a photograph of these cereal salads...words just won't do it justice. But I will have to give you the content low-down! First, a good bit of Nature's Path Multibran flakes, a little bit of Cheerios (for another texture), and then a good bit of Original All-Bran. On top I had raisins, chopped walnuts, sliced banana, and ground flax seed! Then I poured on some almond milk, and took my first bite. It was a taste that I had almost forgotten...I am ever so glad that I re-introduced her to my palate. I also had a cup of Bengal Spice tea before my breakfast, and then a cup of dark coffee with my breaky!!

(This is obviously not MY breakfast, but I feel like there should be a little visual something--- but now you have to develop this bowl of cereal through imagination!)

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