Thursday, December 17, 2009


Today flew by. With a deadline in sight [4pm when I had to leave to work,] I attempted to cram in quite a few things before I had to head off. My day begin with a nice bowl of oats, which I did have a picture of at one point but I think my roommate deleted it off of her camera...[how dare she not want a good quality photo of some scrumptious oats!!!] and a cup of green tea [6 down, 94 to go!!] However, I am sure you're not feeling lost without that photo, as you are blessed with a photo of beautiful oats daily. Let's just say it's time to use your imagination folks...or heck, just flip back to an earlier post so that you can salivate one more time over my breakfast!!

After breakfast, I had a little yoga session with Rodney Yee---that man never fails to impress... But really, I am getting a little tired of the same routine. I guess that's what you get when you have oh ONE dvd to choose from. Nevertheless, it still does the job so I am not going to quit now.

While I was sprawled on the floor of my living room, I noticed some dust/crumbs that I would have never noticed if my nose wasn't pressed against the carpet. But with that new knowledge, I felt my living room was due for a cleaning. So after my sesh with Rodney, I whipped out the vacuum so that she could suck up this new discovery! After vacuuming, I got into a little cleaning frenzy and made sure the kitchen and bedroom were spotless as well..

And then suddenly I noticed the time. I had one IMPORTANT chore to do before I was work bound...and that was TP Duty. We were RIGHT out of toilet paper which is definately a necessity in any household. Oh the joy of living on your seems as though we never ran out of toilet paper at home---there was always an endless supply! How does someone learn to be so prepared!? I guess we will learn in due due time.

As soon as I got home from town, I whipped together a lunch/snack to hold me over while I was at work. I had a rice cake topped with chipotle tuna and cucumber---with some salt and pepper of course.

As I entered my room to get ready for work, with rice cake in hand, I noticed a package on my bed that was definately not there ealier that day. It was a Fed-Ex package and for all I knew, I was not expecting a packing from Fed-Ex...but heck, it's Christmas---anything can happen.

Anxious, I wripped the package open---inside there was an envelope entitled confidential with my name on it. Inside THAT envelope was a DVD---with my name and 'confidential' stamped on that too.

I started was from AXE (I applied for this summer job with Axe Canada back in November. They pick 10 finalists-- 5 girls and 5 guys---who then compete to represent them next summer. The winners are put up in condos downtown Toronto and then are made to date people/host dinner parties and then write about them. Being in journalism, this gig was right up my alley! I had to answer a bunch of questions, make a video, and get two people of the opposite sex to write a reference letter for me) ANYWAYS, I didn't know IF or when I was going to hear from them.

Freaking out, I put the dvd into my computer. It seemed like it took hours to load because I was so anxious...and then it all happened.

"Congratulations Tatomme have been chosen as a top 5 finalist for Axe Canada!!!"

I couldn't believe it...I was shaking, crying, ecstatic!

And then I had to get ready for work---I couldn't even breathe, let alone try to put clothing on. But, it had to be done. It was hard to think about anything else all night; however, I managed to pull through.

When I got home from work at around 11, I had a few slices of apple and a bowl of stove-top popcorn. Mmm, I have become quite obsessed with popcorn as of lately...there is really no better snack. Alongside, I had a cup of tea.

(this was a scary photo to the popcorn tends to start popping almost immediately!!)

(I sprinkled some seasoning salt on top for an extra kick!)

Alright, well I am off to study for my last final tommorow---French---and then I am going to sleep!