Friday, January 29, 2010

You Can Have Whatever You Like --- Birthday Girl

This morning was a little bit of a struggle waking up --- I think I was feeling the effects of wine.

However, I climbed out of bed at around 9:30 am because I was feeling quite hungry... Nothing stops me when I am hungry!

For breakfast I made up some banana oats with raisins, Original All-Bran, apple sauce, grapes, flax meal, a spoonful of PB, and the last bit of almond milk!

Well I better get ready for the day. I am meeting the birthday girl Laurian down town to pick up some things for tonight.

This afternoon I'll do some homework and then head to her place later this evening.

Busy Thursday

I woke up early this morning (well early for me...8am) in order to make it to the gym as I would have no time at any other point during the day.

I quickly put on my gear, and had a piece of spelt toast with almond butter to fuel me for my workout.

I got back home at around 11 am after picking up some coffee filters andd experiencing some delays on the subway. (This time it was all my fault...I only had to go one stop, but then I started day dreaming or thinking --- yes, I was thinking about something very intellectual--- and a second later, I missed my stop and had to get off at the next one in order to catch the subway going the opposite way. That always happens when you're in a rush...well not THAT exactly, but something to really slow you down!)

When I finally got home, I had a shower and made myself some breakfast/lunch...I din't really know what it was as it was the afternoon but I still hadn't technically had breakfast. (I guess that's what we call Brunch...)

I obviously had some banana oats, with raisins, Original All-Bran, apple sauce, grapes, and a spoonful of AB.

That was paired nicely with a cup of coffee --- I ran out of coffee filters at the beginning of the week so being able to finally make myself a cup today was a real treat! (Ohh the life of a student...)

After breakfast I got down to work on a blog assignment I had to do...Mind you I couldn't get ahold of the journalist I needed to interview so I had to put it on hold! I'll get it done eventually...

Then I got together some stuff for shooting a movie this afternoon.

The same "slow you down when you're in a rush" thing happened again in the late afternoon. In order to cut down on subway stops, I decided to get off at the one with the liquor store AND grocery market --- This way I could pick up wine AND the ingredients I needed for dinner. But of course, the market did NOT have what I needed soo I left that subway stop with only wine in hand...but who's complainin'.

That resulted in me having to get off at my friend's stop, WALK a couple blocks with a bag full of bricks in the bitter cold just to get to a bloody grocery store that sells EXTRA FIRM really people; tofu texture is KEY---I will walk miles for the appropriate kind!

We filmed our movie and then had some dinner.

With tofu in hand, I whipped up a little tofurkey...but it turned out looking more like a pie! Oh well, it did the trick and I think I impressed my carnivorous friend.

We had some frozen vegetables alongside...Mmmm, frozen vegetables....

We had some wine and beer with dinner...

After editing the movie --- which took a few hours most definately --- I headed on home in the unbearable cold!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One Tasty Cupcake....

I thought by getting ready BEFORE I had breakfast today, I would be quicker out the door...For the majority of the morning it was working out too. I was all ready...and then I sat down for breakfast; that's when everything goes down hill. I started getting caught up in blogs and email and such...and before I knew it, I was running around like my head was cut off.

However, for breakfast I did have a couple pieces of spelt toast with almond butter and raspberry jam. You really can't go wrong with toast...I could eat it at anytime during the day.

I also made myself an espresso with my roommates little Italian espresso maker (she won it at a wedding shower she was at in December...and yet we hadn't used it until this morning!)

It was really neat...but I was a little slow at first. You have to put the water in the base, and the coffee grinds in the then when the water boils, it raises and has enough pressure to go THROUGH the grinds in order to make a nice little espresso on top.

I was fascinated.

After quickly gathering up all of my belongings, I scurried to school.

It was way too cold for my own good today...last week I was certain that Spring was coming early, and now I am not all that sure!

During lecture, I snacked on a navel orange.

After our lecture, a girlfriend of mine and I went over to Metro to grab something to eat.

After a long and indecisive grocery shop trip, I decided on the most expensive bit of greek salad I have ever consumed...I had to treat each piece of cucumber as though it were a piece of gold to really enjoy it.

We returned to class after our little nibble to begin writing a bit of our feature stories.

I found out during class that I had to work at 5 pm, so I decided to leave a bit early in order to be able to go home and drop off my bag full of bricks.

I had 5 minutes at home and then rushed to work.

It was a dead, dead night...but I didn't get home until almost 10 pm.

I was famished upon entry, but was greeted with an aroma of baked roommates decided to whip up a batch of cupcakes tonight (whip up in the sense of pouring water into cake mix.)

They so sweetly made me up a lovely little decorated cupcake. Apparently, it's supposed to represent the male genitalia...either way, it was a beautiful piece of artwork!

I restrained myself from eating one until I had something a little more substantial.

I put together an eggwhite sandwich, complete with tomato, red onion, aged cheddar, soy meat, lettuce, hot sauce, Dijon mustard, and ketchup.

I was so hungry that I took a bite before realizing that I hadn't photographed it...

It hit the spot!!!

Immediately after swallowing my last bite, I put on the kettle so that I could have tea with my penis cupcake.

Well I am going to digest...and then head to bed! Good night.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little India is Flowin'

This morning I woke up around 10 am because I don't have class until later in the afternoon. I don't like not having a reason to wake up as it results with me just staying in bed longer than I should!

However, when I finally got out of bed I made myself up an oatmeal pancake. I topped her with some almond butter, apple sauce and agave nectar.

This one was the best one yet...I think I finally mastered the baking powder measurement as there wasn't that metallic aftertaste...

After breakfast I worked on some homework and then I quickly headed out to mail some letters and go to the gym.

I had to have the quickest workout ever today because I needed time to get home, shower, and then get back downtown for class.

With half an hour to spare before class, I showered, got dressed, and scarfed down some lunch.

I had some quinoa salad leftovers from last night.

To get me through 4 hours of online journalism, I had a soy latte--- a necessity when you're learning how to crop photos and post videos online. Phwewf...

I got home at around 7pm and was definately ready for dinner.

I turned to my Refresh cookbook for an idea! I decided to make dosas with a curried garbanzo filling.

Dosa Ingredients
Serves 4 (Please note that I divided these measurements by 4 for a single serving)

1 cup spelt flour
1/2 tsp. sea salt
1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. curry powder
1/2 cup plain soymilk (I used almond milk)
3/4 cup water

1. Combine dry ingredients into a bowl.
2. Gradually add milk and water and whisk until smooth.
3. Heat oil in a frying pan over medium heat and ladle 1 ounce of batter onto the pan in a circular motion until you have a thin, round pancake. Wait until bubbles appear and surface no longer looks wet.
4. FLIP! Cook for a few more seconds and remove from heat. Repeat until batter is gone.

Curried Garbanzo Filling Ingredients
Makes 6 servings (Please note that I divided these measurements by 6 for a single serving)

Olive oil
5 cloves garlic, crushed
1 onion, peeled and finely diced
1 carrot, peeled and finely diced
1 green pepper, finely diced
2 medium hot banana chilies, minced
2 tbsp cumin, ground
[I didn't have these spices so I just used curry powder!]
1 tbsp tumeric
1 tbsp oregano
1 tbsp sea salt
4 cups cooked or canned chick peas
1/2 cup tomato paste

1. Heat oil in saucepan and add garlic, spices, and vegetables. Cook over medium heat until veggies are soft.
2. Mash chick peas with a food processor or by hand, and add to saucepan along with tomato paste.
3. Stir until heated through!

To prepare the Indian Dosas, I spooned about 3 tablespoons of the filling across the centre of each one. Roll them up and leave the ends open!

I drizzled hot sauce on top of mine...and also dipped them in sour cream (not very Indian...but I needed a condiment!)

They were sooo yummy...I couldn't finish them though so looks like I'll be having the rest for lunch tommorow!

Well I have some more work to do and then I am going to bed.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Oats in a Jar

Do you know that feeling of sleeping without really sleeping? I don't know how else to describe my sleep last night...I felt like I was consciously up all night as real time thoughts were constantly going through my head.

It was actually more exhausting trying to sleep than it was just getting out of bed, so when my alarm went off bright and early this morning I was able to jump right out---not a common scenario, as you know.

Getting up early gave me enough time to have a shower...Wow, the things you can accomplish by simply arising.

After my shower, I was excited to have a bowl of oats this morning as they weren't actually going to be in a bowl.

Today my oats came to me in a jar.

I stewed some apple in cinnamon first to soften them up, but then I just whipped up the normal batch: oats and bananas.

For the toppings, I sprinkled on some All-Bran Original, raisins, apple sauce, and flax meal. Putting my oats in the almost empty almond butter jar allowed me to scrape down the sides to pick up every last bit! I can't afford to waste any AB....

After getting ready for the day, I headed out to my eight hour day of classes...

It started off terribly boring in my online journalism class where we learned about the invention of the telephone...great little gizmo, let me tell you...

But luckily, it improved in broadcast class.

I snacked on an apple and an oat bar in that class.

When I got home, it was getting close to dinner time so I put together a dish with the last bit of quinoa from last night.

I made a little quinoa salad with tuna, green peas, tomato, cucumber, feta, and olives. I drizzled some lemon juice on top and sprinkled on some dried oregano (and hot sauce of course...)

After dinner I worked on some homework to waste time before volleyball. Intramurals started tonight and unfortunately we were scheduled to start at 10:15 pm.

Fortunately, we won both of our games so that makes up for playing past my bed time...

Well I am going to head to bed. Night!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The First Day of the Next 6 Weeks

I woke up today feeling a little uneasy so the last thing I wanted to do was head out to work. However, a sudden thought entered my head which led me to call in to work to see if they needed me at my scheduled time or if I could come in later...thankfully, my manager let me come in later! So I got an extra hour of much needed sleep.

When I finally got myself out of bed, I made a little breakfast --- OATS!

I enjoyed my oats with a big cup of coffee (the last option for being somewhat alert!)

After showering and getting ready, I headed out to work.

On the street car I suddenly realized that an important date had slipped my mind yesterday: my mother's birthday. In a state of panic, I quickly called her to inform her that she has a terrible daughter that loves her very much...

Work was quite slow today...slower than a usual Sunday so I found myself in the kitchen quite a bit munching on quick food finds. I could tell that the chef was getting a little mad when he caught me stealin' carrot sticks from the I immediately ceased from my theivery act!

I worked for a total of 2.75 hours after my manager noticed that I was not a necessary addition to the floor today.

I got home at around 5pm and was quite hungry for dinner.

For dinner tonight I had curry spiced quinoa and butter "chicken"---which was actually just tofu.

I stirfried garlic, red onion, broccoli, red pepper, spinach and zucchini...and then added the pan fried tofu. To that mix, I added a premade butter chicken sauce!

It was quite a delicious meal...the VH sauce wasn't amazing, but I felt like a quick and easy sauce so when I discovered it in the fridge it felt like an instant saviour!

For dessert, I made a quick chocolate chip oatmeal cookie.


1/4 cup oats
1/8 cup egg whites
2 tsp. spelt flour
2 tsp. brown sugar
1/4 tsp. baking powder
cinnamon to taste
1 tbsp. chocolate chips

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees
2. Mix all of the ingredients and form "dough" into a cookie shape. Put on a greased baking pan.
3. Bake for about 10 minutes or until the top is lightly browned. was so yummy. I see myself as a cookie connoseur...I would choose a cookie over anything anyday. Soft = one goood cookie!

Just to let you all know, today is the first day of the rest of my life...and from now on you can vote for me to be the next AXE girl online at You're able to vote once a day until March 31 and I would really appreciate it if you took one second out of your day to make my dream come true!!!

Thank you, and good night.

Friday, January 22, 2010

An Off-Feeling Day

As I sit here drinking wine in order to be "economical" (a $7.45 bottle of wine is far cheaper than a $9 glass at a restaurant) I figure that I should probably inform you of my day's eats.

It was definately not too exciting as I felt anxious all day...and when I am in that state the last thing I feel like is eating!

However, for breakfast I did have my hearty bowl of oats! The irresistable banana infused oats were topped with apple sauce, raisins, Original All-Bran, flax meal, strawberries, and almond butter...(My almond butter is looking a little low so be ready for some oats in a jar in order to scrape up every inch of that butter!!)

After breakfast was actually when my anxiety hit...I checked my email and realized that I had missed my first conference call with AXE as the email was a reminder that our "second" one was today. In a panic I quickly called our co-ordinater who was super laid back about it...thank god. Apparently the "USB Key" that I had received in my Axe Tool Kit actually had important information on it...who knew!? I thought it was just a sweet little gadget....

I was able to catch up on some info about the upcoming challenges which was nice...but it also made me nervous.

I quickly departed to the gym to relieve some stress.

I had to have a real quick workout though as I had to get back home for my conference call at 4 pm.

I stepped in the door at 3:58 pm...chopped up an apple and called in!

I realized as soon as I got into the "conference" that chomping on an apple was probably quite inappropriate so I decided to hold off until the conversation was over.

When we finally hung up, I added some more treats to my plate as I realized that I was quite hungry indeed.

I had some of Mary's delicious Black Pepper crackers, some pieces of aged white chedder, some soy deli slices, and my empire apple.

I love crackers and just can't go wrong! And if you haven't tried these crackers, you definately should...They are wheat and gluten free but are packed with so much crunch and flavour.

Well I am off for the evening!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Depends in Need

I would like to say that I got a lot done today, but if you noticed in my previous post I didn't really leave the house until 4 pm. I know; I wasted an entire day inside but I was not up for much movement at unfortunately, I fully embraced that thought!

When I did finally step out into the crisp January air, I headed to my favourite grocery store: the Big Carrot.

On the way there I got a little side-tracke as I suddenly found myself perusing a little book shop...which turned out not being little at all. This store had everything and was so nicely organized. There was a section dedicated to books/novels on the environment and food. Obviously, I spent a good chunk of my time there.

A couple of hours later I forced myself out of there as it was getting dark and grocery shopping for me takes quite some time (I read the labels on EVERYTHING and am verrry indecisive when it comes to choosing what kind of crackers or apples I want etc.)

Once I got into the Big Carrot, I realized that I really didn't need much there as I can barely afford a single raspberry ($6.99 for a quart :|)...let alone an entire shopping list!!

So after picking up a few things which I knew I wouldn't be able to find over at the lame-o grocery store, I paid and headed to Loblaws...

I was drinking water throughout my shopping trip...something that I should have reconsidered as my bladder suddenly crept up on me as I was deciding whether or not I could live without sesame oil.

I forced myself to hold tight while I finished gathering up the items on my "list" (a list in my head which is not very reliable)...By the end of it, I was throwing items in the cart so I could get out of there sooner.

Dragging my bags behind me and hitting passerbys, I stormed into Pizza Pizza to use their facilities!! Thank god for "public toilets."

I was able to wait in peace at the bus stop!

For dinner tonight, I had a delicious veggie burger on a whole wheat thinsations bun...It was my first time trying those buns and I must say they were quite good! Not too much bread, but still fresh and doughy.

I melted some aged white cheddar on the burger while it was grillin' and for the fixings I had tomato, cucumber, red onion and spinach with ketchup, Dijon, and Sriracha, of course!

I had a glass of Shiraz to go with it...

It was darnn good...

A little while later for dessert, I had some trail mix and a cup of green tea.

Well I am going to hit the sack now...hopefully tommorow will be more productive; and it WILL be!!!!

Couch Potato

This morning has dragged on for quite some time now. I have had no energy to do anything! I did manage to make some breakfast though!

I had a blueberry oat pancake with peanut butter, strawberries, apple sauce and maple syrup on top.

Mmm, it was delish!

I also had a cup of coffee.

I have some things to do today but have not been able to get around to doing them...instead I watched It's Complicated ---which is SO cute and funny. Meryl Streep is amazing!

I now plan on getting up from the couch so that I can do some grocery shopping and hopefully get to the gym later on...don't hold your breath though!!!

Date Night

I need to figure out a way to jump start my mornings as even when I "give myself enough time" I always seem to be rushing out the door in the end forgetting something...and running back to get it! --- Or something along those lines...

That was this morning.

Even though I gave myself almost two hours to get ready, eat breakfast, and read blogs...I ran out the door without my computer or my keys; two things that I most definately needed! Luckily, I remembered them at the end of the hallway and hurried back.

But, for breakfast this morning I had a very tasty bowl of oats with All-Bran Original, raisins, flax meal, strawberries, apple sauce and AB on top.

I also had a good cup of would think that would be enough to "jump start" my morning but it most definately isn't!


A few hours after breakfast I started feeling a little hungry during lecture so I munched on an apple!


For lunch, a couple of my friends from class and I went to subway to grab a quick sangy...I always get veggie on whole wheat AND I do get it toasted everytime even though after it's done I always regret it as Subway just does not know toasting...

I load it up with the "works", a little honey mustard and lots of hot sauce.

You can't go wrong with subway.

Later on today I had an oatmeal raisin cookie from Tim Horton's and a tea. They're not the best cookies in the world...but they definately aren't bad--- a soft cookie= instant gratification!

After class I went to the gym. I have started using the rowing machine more regularly now because I feel like it's a good arm work out...but the one negative part is that the pull bar REALLY hurts my hands---I have calluses like no other right now so it hurts to get them wet, but I am still washing my hands.

During my workout I decided that I wanted to go on a girl-date tonight, so I called up my girlfrien Samantha to go out on the town with. She agreed with no hesitation.

I quickly showered and headed to her place.

We decided to check out the new brewery downtown called Duggan's.

The beer was amazing...but all unfiltered so they had a cloudy look to them which I am not familiar with!

We shared a giant bowl of mussels...which were OK--- a little on the dry side though.

And I thought they should have been presented nicer...a plate for the bowl would have been a nice touch.

The menu also said it came with flatbread...but the crusty slice that happened to come did not look anything like "flatbread."

For dinner I chose the salmon, which the waiter told me came with goat cheese (the ingrediant that sold me on the salmon as I was going to go for the rainbow trout) but it most certainly did not. It came on a bed of potatos, tomatos, and beans.

Midway through my meal I realized I had forgotten to take a photograph, so that is why the salmon skin is pealed back and bitten didn't come like that!!

Not to say it was a bad combination, it was just not what I was expecting.

The salmon was pretty good as well...I am glad I had juicy tomatos to pair each bite with or else it would have been one dry dish.

My girlfriend got the striploin- medium rare. She said it was cooked to perfection! But was not expecting a massive side of french fries to grace her plate...

Coincidently (not really as brew pubs love to try new brew pubs!), some people from work ended up being at Duggan's so we had a couple of drinks with them after dinner.

It was a fun little date night with my girl!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dark Temptation at my Door

On days that I don't have to be early, I still set my alarm so that I get up at a decent hour. However, everytime the alarm goes off I end up hitting the snooze button anyways...Oh well, one day my body will adjust to this new rhythm..

For breakfast today, I made myself up a little cereal salad. It's so wierd; I seriously used to consume this dish like 4 times a day...and now I barely eat it once a month!

In the mix today: Nature's Path Flax Plus, Fibre 1 flakes, Cheerios, All-Bran Original, raisins, walnuts, flax meal, bananas, and strawberries.

It was satisfying as always...but now I know why I have become more enthusiastic abouts oats; I am not ravenous two hours later. Oats stick with you for awhile!!

After breakfast I headed to the gym. Today I did 10 minutes on the bike for warm-up and then 25 minutes of running on the treadmill. After I ventured out of my comfort zone and attempted the rowing machine. Wow--- five minutes later and my arms and butt were really feeling it!

To finish things off, I did some ab work and stretching on the mats.

I headed home for lunch and a shower before my afternoon class.

When I got home there was a large box outside of my door...upon opening, I was overwhelmed with an Axe aroma! Along with the 100's of business cards and stickers they sent me to promote myself, was a whole lot of Axe's new product: Dark Temptation. So be prepared for axe product coming your way...I must say, the new "chocolate" scent for men smells quite sexy---however, there is not even an undertone of chocolate in it. I think they called it that for the colour of the bottle--- rich dark chocolate in colour.

For lunch, I decided to have some tuna...

Stella knew immediately, as she was right at my feet when I cracked open the can.

I gave her the tuna juice...which she slopped up in seconds!

I put some onion, cucumber, caesar dressing, and Sriracha into the mix. I also has a slice of spelt toast with mozarella.

It doesn't look that amazing---in fact, it was pretty simple---but sometimes I love a good simple dish!  And Sriracha can make dirt taste good...

I headed out to my online journalism class after lunch.

Today we blogged about a journalist from the Toronto Star who made a crime and punishment website...I found it pretty difficult as I didn't see him speak yesterday so I was essentially writing in the dark.

I had an apple and a Starbuck's Soy Late while I wrote.

When I got home this evening I put myself together a quesadilla for dinner. The whole wheat tortilla was stuffed with sauted bell peppers, broccoli, red onion, garlic, mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese.

I grilled her to perfection as the cheese was oozing out from the sides!

I accompanied the baby with some sour cream, salsa, and Mexican hot sauce...

It was pretty unreal!!

Well I am going to do a little work for class tommorow, and then head to bed.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dreaded Mondays

And so it is Monday, which for me means back to class and a more structured schedule.

Upon waking and showering this morning, I had my new favourite breakfast: an oatmeal pancake. I think I put too much baking powder in this one though as it had a funny after taste...nevertheless, it was still yummy. I put almond butter, bananas, raspberry jam, apple sauce, and maple syrup on this baby!!

I headed out to my broadcasting class soon after..

At around 4 pm, I had a juicy navel orange as a snack in class.

After class I was still hungry and planned on going to the gym, so I grabbed a Kashi Peanut Butter granola bar in the cafeteria to hold me over until I got home for dinner.

When I was done working out, I rushed home to make dinner.

For dinner, I had a spinach salad with sauted tofu and peas.

It was delish...but I put on a little too ripe/old avocado which I ended up having to avoid throughout the salad as it tasted a little funky.

I put a pesto/balsamic dressing on top which I happened to choke on half way through...let me tell you, choking on balsamic burns like no other!! Try to avoid it at all costs...

Later on this evening, I felt like having a little dessert so with little to no sweet options in my house I settled with a rice cracker and a smear of PB with some raisins...

Well I am going to hang out for a bit more and then I am off to bed.

Good night.

An Entire Weekend in One

The lack of posts this weekend is due to the fact that I had little to no time to do them...I was running around all weekend for either work or play.

I did indulge in some pretty fabulous meals though, but I am sorry to say that I did not have my camera on me to capture the essence of some of the dishes.

On Friday night I went to an Indian restaurant downtown called 259 Host...apparently it is a chain as you can find them at a few locations in the GTA.

However, its claim to chain did not take away from the amazing spice blends and flavours.

With a Californian Pinot Noir '06 Mirassou, we had an appetizer and then a main entree.

The wine was light-bodied, and easy drinking. Even though I am not usually huge on lighter reds, I did enjoy it as there was a pleasant oaky undertone.

For an appetizer we shared the crab and shrimp cakes which were stuffed with mint, coriander and figs. The figs added an incredible sweetness to the savoury cakes...I had one so that I wouldn't ruin my dinner.

For the main event, I chose a delicious mushroom medley...shitake and button mushrooms in a thick tomato and garlic curry.

My friend indulged in the rare rack of lamb which was cooked in a tandoor and marinated with roasted spices. It came with a spicy vindaloo sauce...I definately sniped a taste test of the sauce and boy, was it good!

We shared a bowl of rice and naan bread to accompany our mains.

I love Indian food.


Today I was originally supposed to work at noon, but they called me in for 1 pm instead because lately we haven't been getting busy until late lunch time.

This extra hour gave me time to make a wholesome brunch.

I had some scrambled eggs, a veggie stirfry with feta, and then a slice of spelt toast.

It hit the spot.

After a full day at work, I was finally able to eat some dinner at around 9 pm. I had Mill St. roasted veg. wrap...once I find something I like, I am quite stubborn when it comes to switchin' it up. (As you can see with my oatmeal consumption!)


I worked all day today too, but I luckily I got to end the day with a satisfying bowl of homemade vegetarian chili which my friend made.

It was soo spicy (which didn't offend me at all--- but the rest of the consumers were definately effected!!)

We had a multigrain baguette to go with out hearty bowls of chili.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pretend Like It's the Weekend Now

I was really fortunate when it came to my class schedule this semester...having Thursday and Friday off is so nice! I actually get a 4 day weekend; what more can I ask for?

I am still making myself get up early on these days off though, or else I am going to turn into a sloth: not a sexy quality, I'll tell you that much!


After getting ready for the day, I prepared the meal that I have been wanting to try for quite some time but haven't been able to because I was missing a key ingredient: baking powder.

But yesterday I finally just sucked it up and bought the powder...woo $3.29 was really stretching it; might not be able to afford bus fare for a week now.

I took the risk though so I could make my first oatmeal pancake...inspired by Kath!


1/4 cup quick oats
1/4 cup egg whites (about 2 eggs)
1/2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. cinnamon (to taste)
1/2 mashed banana (optional)

1. Mix all of the ingredients together so that everything is well combined.
2. Let sit for a few minutes in order for the mixture to thicken.
3. Making a circular shape on a heated pan with cooking oil.
4. Pour mixture on and form into a pancake

5. Flip it when you're able to shake the pan with the pancake sliding around...about five minutes
6. Pancake is done when both sides are nicely browned!
7. Throw on your favvourite toppings, baby.

Today I spread on almond butter, a sliced banana and strawberry, a dollop of apple sauce, and maple syrup.

It was absolutely devine. I actually couldn't believe how similar it was in taste and texture to a real pancake, but wayyy healthier. I am definately making this on a regular basis!

Well I must finish getting ready and then I am off to meet a friend to go watch a volleyball game. I lovee men's volleyball...mmmm