Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'll Have a Glass of Red with my Blow Dry

When I went to bed last night, I was already not looking forward to waking up...As this week treks on, I too have to trek on with the amount of work I need to have finished in due time.

I thought that if I just didn't get out of bed this morning it would further postpone my homework...but then reality hit and I realized that sleeping is another form of procrastinating so I forced myself out of the confines of my sheets.

After getting ready, I had a piece of toast with AB and jam and a banana for some extra added energgg.

I also had a cup of coffee.

I headed to my lecture after breaky...Just what I needed, a lecture reminding me of the things I need to accomplish in one week.

After lecture, I went to the "library" with my dear friend Jeremy...I put the library in quotations because this is what he referred to it as in first year in order to get me to go to it during class --- Little did I know it was actually a pub.

However, the pub's atmosphere is much like a library as it wreaks of old text books and body odour...Mmmm.

While we did some much needed work, we had a little lunch...

For lunch I had the tomato soup (which was most definately Campbell's) and a grilled cheese sandwich.

You know you're in for a darn good meal when it comes equipped with a basket...Heck, they should have thrown the soup in there bowless...

After lunch and work, I decided to pamper myself...What better way to pamper oneself than a few hours in the salon...

I must say that after some serious searching, I found one hell of a salon. It's called Flaunt and is conveniently quite close to me.

Not to take away from the hairstylists' amazing talents (he made my dead and gone hair look somewhat rejuvinated,) but the place really knows how to get a customer to return: serve them wine.

I can't tell you how nice it was to get my hair done AND sip on a glass of vino...I feel like that will be my new hangout --- but not actually, because I can't afford it and it really damaged my hair confidence. Remind me never go into hair modelling...

My New Found Fam

Sometimes living in the city can be lonely with no thank god I have finally found an aunt and uncle who I am more than happy to visit. Yesterday, I returned to my dear Aunties and Uncles for a second visit within the time span of one week. That's quite good for family acknowledgment, no?

Okay, so they serve food..and I mean like reallly good food...and well, they aren't really family at all; in fact, I can't say that they even know me. But that will change soon if I keep up with my weekly brunch affairs.

This time I stayed away from the egg dishes as I wanted to try something new. That was quite difficult as I get set in my ways once I find something I like. However, last week I was torn between the french toast and omelette, so I thought why not go for the french toast this time!

I was all ready to order--- that was until the server informed me that oatmeal banana walnut pancakes were the daily special. Really?! He clearly didn't know me as he wasn't aware of my weakness for oats.

Instead of switching my order all together, I "eenie-minie-mowed"...but that never solves anything now, does it? So I told the server to surprise me...

The anticipation killed I chugged my coffee.

I guess it was a sign when the french toast arrived; I have to go with my gut! And baby, did I ever go in with my gut...The french toast was incredible. Three pieces of challa toast: perfectly squared. They were lightly dusted with powdered sugar and melted butter was oozing off of the edges. With a drizzle of maple syrup and a piece of cinnamon poached pear (which were laid out on the side,) I took my first bite.

I think I died and went to heaven...the first bite was definately the best as it was the one smothered the most in butter!

My brunch date chose the daily omelette --- I guess I was one step ahead of him as I can check that menu off the list of "already tried." But I convinced him to get the Dijon dill potato salad (something I wish I had tried last time) which I snagged a little sampy of...They were darrnn good.

After brunch I headed on home to do some work and shower before class.

I had a spinach salad just before I headed out the door as I was still pretty stuffed from breaky...but I needed somethin' to tide me over.

When I got back from class, I was most definately ready for dinner!

For dinner I had a lemon and herb breaded fish fillet, an array of sauted beans and carrots, and some spinach.

I topped my fish with some salsa for an extra kick.

For a little something sweet later on, I had a mixture of apple sauce, bananas, nuts, raisins, and All-Bran...I really just threw anything I could find into the mix...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ladies' Lunch

I think we would all agree if I said Thursday night was the best sleep all week...we were so exhausted Wednesday night that we were in a coma as soon as our heads hit the pillow!

For breakfast we had toast and fruit as I didn't want to waste the delicious ciabatta bread from the night before.

After breakfast we used all of Little India's water to shower and prettify ourselves for lunch out with family friends.

We were meeting up with them in the Distillery District --- I most definately live there --- at around 2 pm. But after getting ready and leaving the house we were informed that they were running a little late so we decided to grab a coffee at Starbucks and stroll down Queen East.

I dragged the girls into the Leslieville Cheese Market as I always pass it but I never have a chance to go in!

Nothing is better than a sexy cheese salesman...I couldn't turn down anything he tried selling me. We left with their entire cheese stock and day old crackers...

Okay no, but we did buy some lovely Gruyere, green cracked olives, and crackers made on site.

With our purchase in hand, we headed down to the Distillery for lunch.

We met at a place I hadn't been too yet but have always wanted to go: Archeo. It being a Friday late afternoon in the Distillery, it wasn't very busy...but the building was beautiful --- complete with wood rafters.

Six ladies can make an empty restaurant seem full. Our voices and laughter echoed throughout the place... It was such a good lunch.

Along with a pint of Okanagan Spring Ale, I had a smoked salmon bagel and a carrot soup. Smoked salmon is my weakness; however, I wish the bagel wasn't white and stale.

Mariel had a Cobb Salad which she wasn't impressed with --- "The cheese still had it's rind on!"

Chloaye had a Thai Chicken Salad --- she shared feelings similar to that of Mare's.

Even though our meals weren't incredible, the time together was so good.

After lunch I showed everyone around the distillery and then we split ways. The three of us rushed over to Steam Whistle brewery before it closed. We got there five minutes before it closes---perfect amount of time to throw back a free sample of pilsner.

We headed home at around 6:30 pm to get ready for the evening.

Mare Does Dinner

Good thing my guests were family as it's hard for me to be courteous all of the time...The girls were treated to a lovely bowl of oats again on Thursday morning. At least they are easy to please as I really think they enjoyed them nonetheless.

After breakfast, Chloaye and I went to St. Lawrence Market to meet up with one of Chloaye's old roommates, Brianna. I hadn't seen her for years even though we both live in the same city.

We all caught up while strolling around the market sampling the different goodies...I could spend hours at St. Lawrence as I love a place with an array of samples --- it's like Costco but gourmet.

I don't think the girls were as impressed with the place so we headed down to the Distillery District for a little lunch. I brought them to the Brick Street Bakery for their famous sandwiches. Chlo and I shared a tuna sandwich because I warned her of their size... The bread is made on site at the bakery so it is so fresh and packed with tuna!

After lunch, I brought Brianna and Chlo to Mill Street to show them where I work. We stayed for a pint of Wit beer so that they could really take in the whole experience.

We parted from Bri after the pub and went to the mall to do a little shopping.

Chlo and I headed home when our tummys told us it was dinner time. We picked up a loaf of ciabatta bread to have with the meal Mariel was making for us!

Mariel made a delicious dinner: halibut with butter and lemon, mixed beans, spinach salad, hummus and carrot sticks, and warm crusty bread.

The hummus was so yummy...and quite inventive as Mariel couldn't find the tahini so she opted for a sesame dressing and sriracha sauce --- She really knows to impress the Flanagan sisters!

A Night of Art and Good Food

Even though I can handle oatmeal every day, I thought it would be courteous to my guests to switch up breakfast.

So while the girls slept, I made scrambled eggs, sweet potato hashbrowns, and toast.

The hashbrowns were pretty darn good...

I would like to say that we did a lot during the day on Wednesday, but the biggest event was the nap we took at around 3 pm.

I think we could have slept for the rest of the day, but we had to get up to shower as we had to take full advantage of the free art gallery admission on Wednesday evenings.

By the time we got to the gallery we only had an hour so we decided to split up in order to see everything that we were dying to see.

The gallery closed at 8pm --- just in time as I was ready to eat my hand. Knowing that there are several sweet restaurants on Ossington, I decided to drag the girls back to my favourite neck of the woods. We ended up at Pizzeria Libretto as I had heard ONLY good things about this traditional Nepales pizzeria.

When I heard that it would only be a ten minute wait for a table I signed right up as the last time I had tried to get in it was a two hour wait!

The atmosphere in this restaurant is perfect: warm, small, and bustling. It is the perfect place for a business meeting, a girl's night out, a man date, a first date, or quite frankly, whatever you're feeling!

After salivating over every pizza choice on the menu (even though the majority were topped with meat --- let a girl dream, okay!) I decided on the rapini pizza: rapini, goat cheese, black olives, and Ontario Fiore Di Latte Mozzarella. I liked that there wasn't any tomato unusual liking as I am quite a saucy girl!!

Chlo and I had a pint too as beer is a must with pizza!

Chloaye and Mariel both got the Duck Confit pizza with Bosc Pear and Ontario Fiore Di Latte Mozzarella.

It looked incredible, and from all of the "mmm's" I suspect that it tasted incredible too.

We felt dessert was necessary as a girl's date isn't really complete without it...We shared the tiramisu and wow! The cream was so thick and rich.

During our dessert, our sweet server informed us that the manager wanted to buy us an after dinner drink...well how could I turn that down! We decided on a raspberry bubbly as Suzy our server told us it went perfect with chocolate.

Even though it was a laid back day and evening, it was probably one of my favourite days! I love going out for amazing dinners and Pizzeria Libretto was amazing.

Matzah at the Drake

I couldn't wait to show the girls my favourite street: Ossington Avenue. So after forcing more banana oats down their throats, we jumped on the street car and headed to the Ave.

We walked down the street for a bit, but after just one store the girls were already hungry so we started to look for a place to grab a bite to eat. The girls didn't care where we ate, but I am quite picky so we searched until they would search no more...I was okay with that though as I have always wanted to eat at the Drake Hotel.

Chlo and I had incredible caesars while we waited for our lunches. I had a cilantro and tequila one...Wow is all I can say. The cilantro added such a nice flavour...and nothing is better than tequila in a caesar.

For lunch, Chlo and I had Matzah ball soup --- dumplings made from Matzah meal. They soaked in a carrot and celery broth...The balls were soo chewy and flavourful which made up for the simple broth.

Mariel had the Drake's infamous Macaroni and Cheese with fresh peas and a bread crumb crust. How could I resist from taking a bite...the homemade cheese sauce (4 types at that!) was perfect!

After lunch we headed out to do some more vintage shopping on Ossington and then strolled down Queen West to check out other stores.

We got home at dinner time and were three very hungry girls. For dinner we decided on soup and tuna cheese melts. I heated up some left over carrot and ginger soup and then Chloaye and I whipped up the tuna melts...We used some olive foccacia bread from Kensington.

Even though it was a very simple dinner, it hit the spot!

Pizza Party

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Well I guess my abode isn't really Rome, but I eat oats everyday as you Mariel and Chloaye got a little taste of my life Monday morning as I made them up a bowl of my famous oats!

We piled those banana infused oats with apples, raisins, flax meal, AB, and creamy mediterranne plain yogurt. Oh my gosh...that yogurt is to die for. It is soo thick and creamy.

We also had a cup of Three Sisters Kicking Horse appropriate.

After breakfast, we went downtown for a few hours to do some shopping as the Eaton's Centre was the only thing open on Family Day.

Chlo and Mariel were overwhelmed when they saw the main downtown intersection, Yonge and Dundas.

We headed home at around dinner time where we decided to make pizzas with the dough we bought at Kensington for $1.50.

After some serious rolling, we got about 3 make-shit shells so we decided to be creative and make three different kinds. We made a spinach one with roasted garlic, red pepper, red onion and cheese.

We made a "mexican" pizza with corn, red onion, fresh tomato, veggie meat, and cheese.

And we made a broccoli one with red pepper, red onion, green olives, and cheese.

To complete the amazing meal, we had a bottle of Malbec Shiraz.

The pizzas turned out favourite one was the broccoli!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day

Three girls distributed evenly into three separate rooms isn't so bad; in fact, it makes sense. Three girls crammed into one bedroom consisting of one bed and litte floor space; now that, that's a little nutty. Well folks, that has been my housing sitch since last Friday as that was when my dear sister and cousin flew in from the west for a visit.

During the day it's not all that bad as we make a sure effort to leave the cramped quarters to explore what the city has to offer...It's when we return that the closeness hits us like a bag of bricks.

Or a swinging refridgerator door...A reoccuring event over the past couple of days as we are cooking and dining at home to be economical. They say too many cooks spoil the broth...well I don't agree... Too many cooks in a 2X4 foot kitchen, now THAT spoils the broth.

So for the first full day and to get out of the house quickly, we decided to go out for a brunch as it isn't very often that I actually have a Sunday off work; I wanted to take full advantage of it and see what the norm get to do on a weekend...

I had heard amazing reviews about this restaurant near Kensington Market called Aunties and Uncles, so to there we went! Being a Sunday and a popular little spot, we were faced with a line up at the door; however, we ignored our grumbling tummys and waited.

I am so glad we did as the place was just adorable, and every item on the list looked absolutely amazing.

We knew that ordering quickly was important as the servers needed to flip tables at a speedy rate to get through the ever-growing line-up at the door. It may have been the fact that only one person could make a decision, or it could be that the dish sounded amazing...either or, we all ordered the same thing: the roasted vegetable and havarti omelette with a green salad, challa bread, and real hash browns.

With it being a packed house, I was surprised at how quickly our food came...especially after seeing the size of the kitchen in the centre of the restaurant. I am almost positive that it was smaller than mine, so I should really stop complaining as I don't have to whip out dishes to hundreds of people daily...

I couldn't compain about a thing on my plate...everything was unreal. The challa bread tasted like cake: a soft eggy flavour. Mmmm.

Even the ketchup was homemade; none of that Heinz crap.

After breakfast I showed the girls around Kensington as they wanted to see the place that I RAVE about on a daily basis.

We did some grocery shopping there and then did our main shop at a bigger grocery store before we headed home for dinner.

For dinner we decided on nachos; never a bad idea...We also made a yummy bean dip and a guacamole.

They weren't very colourful nachos, but appearances can be deceiving as they were bloody delish!

After dinner we went out to a bar called Cest What for a little Valentine's Day was pretty quiet so it's safe to say that all of the hot dates were tucked away at home that night!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Feelin' Funny

I was definately feelin' last night when I woke up this morning...Took me the entire morning, well afternoon, to think straight.

Even though I really wanted greasy eggs and hashbrowns for breakfast, I decided to over-rule the hung-over persona and had a bowl of oats.

Thank god --- Or I would have felt bloody awful after breakfast.

I lazed around until I received a phone call reminding me that I am supposed to be downtown in half an hour to pick up my friend's bus pass before he leaves town...

So quickly, I had to throw on my gym gear and race to town.

I don't think they were waiting for me TOOO long...

I went to the gym after to sweat out last night.

For lunch I had a bowl of carrot, cashew and ginger soup...I had bought it at the Big Carrot a couple of weeks ago and kind of forgot I had it until today when I was perusing my cupboards. I also had a piece of toast to use for a dipppper..

The soup was just ALRIGHT--- a little too sweet for my liking. I think the carrots outweighed the ginger. But, it was a nice meal for a cold day.

Well I am going to do some laundry now...I think it would be a nice gesture seeing my sister and cousin are coming tommorow --- Clean sheets are always a nice thing to crawl into after a long flight...

Birthday Bonanzaa

I headed out to the gym after breakfast to get a work out in before going out for Miss. Bayley's birthday...Nights with her can get a little crazy so I thought it would be important to clear my head at the gym!!

When I got home I was definately ready for some lunch so I whipped up a little dish. It turned into a pretty random assortment of goodies, but it worked! I had sauted green beans and mushrooms in a garlicy pesto sauce. To add to that I had a sunny-side up egg and some of Mary's crackers...

It was a pretty delicious little lunch.

I relaxed for a bit and then my gym smell started getting to me so I decided that it was time to take a shower and get ready for the night.

I went to Sam's at around 8pm where we had a glass of wine and then headed to our dinner reservations. We had four girls for dinner and had planned to go to Lily, but when we got there there wasn't a soul in the place and apparently they weren't even serving dinner...COOOL...I am glad that the woman on the phone told Sam that after she made the reservation....MISCOMMUNICATION.

Luckily we were in Little Italy so we had a plethora of restaurants to choose from...We decided on Sidecar as both Courtney and I had heard good things about it!

It was nice to see actual people dining when we walked into the instant improvement from Lily. We got sat at a nice table near the back of the restaurant. Even though the tables were pretty close together, it didn't feel as though I was shmozying up with the lady next to me or that I had to be involved with her conversations...

We shared a bottle of an Australian shiraz...I forget the name of it, but it was very nice --- not too heavy but still full-bodied.

We nibbled on a basket of crusty bread --- warm so the butter melted right in...Mmmm

For dinner, I decided on the Atlantic Salmon with a honey dijon glaze on a bed of swiss chard...

Wow, the salmon was absolutely unreal --- Medium so it just kind of melted in my mouth... and the chard was a nice pairing. The sauce was filled with flavour too...but the main ingredient was definately butter as it was soo creamy and rich! Every bite was incredible.

Samantha had the mushroom risotto. I HAD to try a bit of it, of course. It was darrnn good...bursting with cheesy and creamy goodness. But it was soo rich; one bite was plenty.

Courtney went with the salmon as well...she equally loved it!!

And Gabi had Fettucini with black tiger shrimp...I didn't try it but I am sure it was delish --- well as delicous as a plate of pasta can be...

Sam and I also had half a pint of Tank House --- Have to be loyal to Mill Street...

After dinner we went to Tattoo where we met up with some other work friends to dance the night away...

It was a lovely night. Happy Birthday Bayley!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Comfort Comes in Food

I didn't really have to wake up this morning as I was techincally awake all night...the fact of the matter is I had to GET up.

Well, that wasn't very hard either after suddenly realizing that I slept with a repulsive creature last night...Maybe I should sleep with a mouse more often so that I get a move on bright and early.

For breakfast today I went for comfort to ease last night's tension and had an oatmeal pancake. I spread almond butter on top and then put on a dollop of apple sauce, some strawberries and agave nectar.

These pancakes are soo good. Please try one if I haven't convinced you already!

I also had a cup of coffee.

Well I better get a move on with my day...I have spent a good majority of it writing and submitting my Axe Challenge #2. Did you remember to vote today?


Furry Friend

I saw it in my peripherals...for a second but then it was gone and I thought "I am just seeing things!"

That was until I was half way done my oh-so captivating episode of One Tree Hill and felt something looking at me....(Oh my gosh, I am getting the jitters right now writing about it!!!!)

A MOUSE WAS SCURRYING AROUND ON TOP OF MY DRESSER---IN MY ROOM!!!! I immediately got up from my comfortable position to jump and scream frantically on my bed...I am soo terrified of mice even if they are small enough to step on.

After a mad episode of bed jumping, I ran to my roommate and started banging on her door while screaming...She knows how I get with mice but had no idea that this outrageous scene was because of that.

Once Sarah finally got the words "I-- juustt--sawww--aaa--mooousee!!" out of me she started laughing....Definately not the time to do such a thing! She was supposed to be superman in this scene: sheer disappointment.

Well she finally decided to stop using me as comic relief, she entered the danger grounds: my bedroom --- I stayed curled up in her bed, shaking uncontrollably.

After tearing apart my room, they only caught a glimpse of the sucker once---those things are quick--- so we decided to leave Stella in there to get the job done.

For two hours I sat on the dining room table waiting patiently for Stella to save me...but once it hit the wee hours of the night I started faaading away so I decided it was time to face my fears and sleep with the mouse.

You know they say you gain courage by facing your fears, so why not sleep with my fear---right?

Well, let me tell was not much of a sleep as I just lay there for hours listening to what I thought was the mouse breathing. But it sounded more like a creature 100X its size, so I think I was just imagining least I hope I was. I don't know what I would do if I was greeted by a giant furry friend tonight.

Alright, it's time to back track as it's not very chronological of me to start my post with an evening's event...but I thought it was more exciting than my morning's event: TOAST!

Yes, for breakfast I had toast...So I guess morning was a little more exciting than usual as I didn't bore you, or myself, with another bowl of scrumptious oats. I'm really throwin' a curve ball these days!

I layered some AB and agave nectar on my spelt toast...Mmm, I love that combo; if you haven't tried agave nectar yet then please do. Not only is it sweeter and better than honey or maple syrup, it's lower on the glycemic index so your doing yourself a healthy favour without even realizing it!

I had a side of plain yogurt, banana, and strawberry too in order to add some zing to the mix.

After breakfast, I scurried ---oooh I can't use that word anymore, it's too mouse-like --- headed off to my 10 am class.

We had a two hour lecture on the structure of feature stories and then broke for lunch.

I was smart and packed a lunch today...but I wasn't smart in the sense that I didn't snap a photo. I had some veggie sticks --- broccoli, carrots, and zucchini, some almonds and pretzals, an apple, and a granola bar. It was a whole array of goodies from my kitchen...

We had our feature writing lab after lunch and then were let go at around 3pm. I went out on a birthday present hunt for my girlfriend whose birthday is Thursday; however, I wanted to be ahead of the game...

I got home at around 5:30 pm and had a quick bite to eat as I had to run off to a staff meeting...

I had an open-faced sandwich with spinach, aged white cheddar, veggie deli slices, tomato, and Dijon mustard.

I left a little while later to bear the cold of the night and to go to my evening staff meeting...

The meeting was all about RSP's and company benefits...Some how I was suckered in to signing up for everything. Don't be alarmed if I am homeless by the end of the week as I am not too sure exactly what I signed up for --- Conversing about numbers and life long decisions in english is difficult, let alone in another language. There was definately a language barrier...But, I am "set" for retirement now...or so I have been told.

A few hours later...I stayed for quite awhile as my application process took longest...I headed home to the comfort of my home. Or so I thought.

I had a bowl of cereal when I got home as talkin' numbers really worked up an appetite.

And then my night went down hill...Bloody mouse.

Oh, but while I waited out Stella's hunting process I worked on Challenge #2 for Axe: my "pick-up" face. So be sure to check it will be up on the site soon, along with Challenge #1 chronologically, that would make sense!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh Lahore

I think it's impossible for me to wake up without being physically dragged out of bed...Okay, no. But without having an ACTUAL reason to get up (not just I need to start my day) I will not move. So even though I set my alarm for 8 am today, I hit the snooze button for an hour until I decided to just turn it off and let me wake up naturally. That "natural" arising occurred at 10 am precisely. Well done Flanagan.

I whipped up a bowl of banana oats quickly so that I wouldn't throw off my eating schedule for the day...I mean, if I eat breakfast too late then my whole meal plan for the day is wonked!

I put flax meal, plain yogurt, apple sauce, grapes, raisins, and AB in the mix today...

I also had a nice cup of coffee, of course.

After breakfast I headed out to the gym to get a workout in before my evening class.

I ran on the treadmill for half an hour and then did some rowing...Boy, when you actually do it right, it is quite the killer! My bum was quite sore afterwards.

I had to hurry home to eat lunch and shower.

For lunch I had a tuna melt on spelt bread and some green beans (which I discovered I had after perusing through the vegetable drawer...they weren't old, I had just forgotten as I don't usually purchase them!!) with a drizzle of olive oil, salt, and pepper!

During class I snacked on some almonds and an apple to get me through a discussion regarding Facebook privacy...

We then had to write a blog about Facebook privacy...but it turned more into a blog about privacy and the internet...and then into a blog about any aspect of privacy and the internet. We just had to have fun with it.

I finished writing at around 8pm and decided to head home...Unfortunately it had started snowing at some point during the 4 hour class, so it was quite the chilly walk to the bus stop.

From the bus, I headed right to Lahore Tikka House for dinner as I had to get a "scene" for tommorow to report on... Unfortunately it wasn't a hoppin' night so there weren't a lot of real intriguing scenes. The only thing that really stuck with me was my server who decided it was okay to hit on me because I asked for hot sauce---shocking! (But to tell you the truth, I did feel kind of bad asking for hot sauce in an Indian restaurant where they revolve their food preparation around spices...)

For dinner I had a "veggie veggie wrap"...I know it doesn't sound Indian. In fact, it doesn't at all. But when I asked what it was and what was in it I was sold as it was basically everything I wanted wrapped up like a baby --- I didn't want a baby...

The wrap was naan bread (but I got whole wheat rrroooti) with lettuce, palak (spinach), chana masala (chick peas), aloo gobi (cauliflower and potato) and tarka dal (lentils)...It was pretty delish!

I know you wouldn't expect that after receiving this as an "on the house" appy...

I remember my first time going here, I was shocked that they used plastic cutlery and styrofoam for their dinnerware...and then I was served a styrofoam plate of iceberg lettuce and I found it hard to see anything better coming. But I was wrong, and I am glad I gave them a chance because the food is quite good...

Minus the fact that you suffer from mild heart burn hours after consumption...'s not a bad place...and it's cheap and authentic! Well as authentic as I know Indian food to be.

Well I am going to go to bed so that I have an easier time waking up tommorow.

Tatomme Does Tofurkey

Due to the number of steps involved in making a tofurkey, I decided to help you all out by making a little video...So here it is folks! Your first of many Tatomme's Tasty Treats videos. (I hope to make at least one a month...if I can get my trusty videographer Simon Rainville to helppp me outt ;) xox)

Helllloooo FOOD NETWORK!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

First Fusion

I had quite the exhausting weekend...which was obviously self-induced! But as a result, when I got home last night I was just pooped. So, being wise I went to bed at 9pm to get a good beauty sleep!

However, it didn't feel much like that at all. You know when you just get too much sleep that when you wake up you're even more tired than when you lay down?! Yup --- that was me this morning. When my alarm clock went off I couldn't move...I was almost contemplating not going to class but then I remembered that I would then miss my one of three classes so I forced myself to go.

Thank god...or else I would have never learned what libel and slander meant......

Rewind..okay, so for breakfast I had just one mighty bowl of oats --- banana oats at that! I topped her off with a dollop of plain yogurt AND apple sauce, strawberries, raisins, flax meal, and a scoop of PB.

After breakfast I headed out to class to endure an hour and a half lesson on why bloggers can't be charged for "libeling"... Oh what an exciting lecture --- or speech as I am pretty sure my prof reads out word for word a pre-written lecture....

After class we had a "J-Skool" fair where we were introduced to a variety of course choices for next year...and where we were told that we were about to make life altering decisions in the next two days --- Thank god there was a snack table to ease the overwhelming feeling.

With stacks of course outlines and other freebies, my girlfriend and I went out for a little bite to eat. We ended up in a restaurant that I never thought I would step foot in as I always cringe when I walk by the Green Fusion on Yonge Street.

I was pleasantly surprised when I walked through the finger-printed glass door and saw quite a long line-up...all waiting to tell the cashier which number on the photo-friendly menu they wished to indulge in.

It being quite a chilly day, I went for the Vegetable and Tofu Noodle Soup...I wish I could remember the Vietnamese name for it but it's just not coming to me!

With our cardboard numbers in hand, we sat down to wait for the creations to come out.

Mine came out first...steaming n' all! It was quite a large bowl of soup...too bad it consisted of mainly noodles. I am not too big on noodles.

But other than that, it was a pretty good bowl of soup --- just what I needed for a cold February day...

And for a $5.00 lunch, who can complain!

After our eats, I headed to broadcast class where we made our first newscast...quite exciting.

To add to the excitement, our prof had his usual package of cookies out to share with us...such a sweet man! I really do like him --- not just because of the cookies either!!

I also found out today that his wife is the VP for the foodnetwork...I almost died. I know who I have to speak with now to get my foot in the door!

We got let out at 6pm so I had to rush home to grab a quick dinner and then head to volleyball.

I had a spinach salad with broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots, tuna and was light, but exactly what I needed so that I wasn't playin' vball on a full stomach!!

Welll, I am pretty tired from the day so I am going to head to bed... Night!