Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dead Zone = Work Zone

Where did everybody go? Ever since September came around, it seems as though everyone returned to their routines. Since when did that mean that dining out was a no-go? I can't believe how dead work has been as of late. Today I worked for a total of two and a half hours...I am not complaining though as I need as many hours as I can get! With school and other commitments this week, I had to give up most of my shifts...Thus I am relying on every hour!

After my day's work, I headed to a cafe to do some readings for philosophy. Philosophy puts me in a state of bliss. I absolutely love it. While I read, I chomped down on a wrap filled with sprouts, carrots, red pepper, arugula, hummus and seared tofu from Pulp Kitchen. I finally tried it out, and let's just say they are experiencing the September restaurant blues as well --- I was the only one in there, and it was not because of bland menu. My wrap was pretty good...needless to say it was simple!

I think I sat in that empty cafe for three hours --- When my mind started wandering from the pages of my book, I found myself listening in on the staff's lives. I may or may not know the love lives and new found hobbies of every member there!

When the clock struck six, I decided it was time to head home. It wasn't until I hit Riverdale Farm that I remembered their Tuesday evening farmer's market...I obviously made a little detour as it was the first time that I was actually in the area and able to peruse the stands!

I love farmer's markets.

With my work uniform taking up most of the space in my basket, I had little to no room left to fill with goodies...So I left with only a couple of items. Maybe I should be thankful for that little space as I could have gone a little nuts on the vegan and gluten free baked goods. Instead I got a bushel of kale and some fresh picked pears...Mmmm.

I obviously incorporated the kale in my dinner tonight...and it was much needed as I was a little low on salad greens. I had a tasty kale and mixed green salad which I topped with chick peas, grape tomatos, red onion, and carrot. For a extra crunch, I added some broken rye crackers and walnuts which I toasted in some coconut oil. The dressing was a simple olive oil, balsamic, dijon blend --- But what's better than that, really?

It hit the spot, and the toasted crackers and walnuts made it.

For dessert a little later I dug into the freezer for a slice of my banana bread.

For a little somethin' somethin', I spread on a bit of raspberry jam!

Well, I am going to finish up my philosophy readings and then head to bed.


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