Friday, September 10, 2010

Beautiful Fall Morning

I absolutely love beautful fall mornings --- Heck, I love beautiful fall days. I adore autumn. I can't think of a better way to wake up than from a streaming ray of light through my window and the sound of rustling leaves outside.

I decided to take advantage of the morning sun and threw on some shorts and a t-shirt immediately upon waking up to get in a run before the day began.

It was the perfect temperature. While I ran I couldn't believe that just a week prior I was sweating my butt off just trying to get dressed --- Thank god the humidity is gone. I could run with ease and the crisp air hasn't affected my breathing too much yet. I can only hope that this will last a little longer, but I know the chill to the bone weather is upon on.

After doing a few sets of sit-ups and push-ups, I had a shower and then some breaky.

For breakfast today I had one of my mother's famous bran/mollasses muffins---It's so nice digging into mom's home baking when I am provinces away. Thank god for a freezer.

I also had some apple and banana alongside --- and of course a cup of coffee with some almond milk and agave nectar.

Well I just found out that I do not actually have to work today...Which usually would be a fine thing, but having just paid my school tuition I am financially unable to not work! But hopefully I will get called in tonight so that I can semi afford my birthday and the upcoming weeks.

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