Friday, September 10, 2010


Summer is definately over. No, not because the weather has suddenly dropped 10 degrees...but because I got called off for two shifts today! Usually I would be quite content with having a Friday day and night off, but having paid tuition this morning I am in desperate need of a money replenishment --- Maybe I'll just win the lottery.

With a day off, I decided to bike down to the mall to find something to wear for my birthday.

Let's just say shopping while knowing that you have little to nothing to spend puts a damper on the entire day. I walked away empty handed --- My grumbling stomach also forced me to leave as I can no longer afford to spend petty coin on quick pick-me-ups.


When I got home from my unsuccessful day at the mall, I dove right in to lunch: a green salad with chopped tofu, zucchini, and red onion. I also had a rye cracker with some gouda cheese for some extra oomph.

After hearing that I wasn't needed at work tonight, I headed down there anyway to fix my schedule. I believe the sceduler forgot that I was in school and made a very work/school conflicting agendra for me this week.

Luckily everyone is desperate for hours right now so it wasn't too hard to give my shifts away --- The hardest part was knowing that once again I will not be making money!

I strolled around downtown and looked in to a few more shops before I headed home for dinner.


I rummaged through my freezer for some dinner ideas. I decided on an indian inspired stir-fry. While the rice was boiling, I stir-fried some garlic, onion, rapini, spinach, yellow beans, and garbanzo beans.

I actually found a bag of frozen vegetables at the health food store down the road that was filled with everything I love: spinach, rapini, onion, and yellow beans. As much as I hate frozen vegetables, I realize that they are perfect for me as I can't keep anything fresh in my fridge.

I threw in some curry powder, cumin, cayenne, and some S&P at the end for an extra boost of flavour.

To the rice I added some coconut oil as it's a better alternative to butter and it still adds flavour.
Sriracha was an obvious accompaniment to the dish. It hit the spot.

I am still deciding on whether or not to go out tonight. My birthday is tommorow, so I want to have full energy for it but we'll see. My girlfriend is having a welcome back/house warming party just down the road from me so that's always hard to turn down!

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